Books Management System


This Books Management System used in schools or colleges for the formal study of a subject. This software stores book details, chapter details and its subject details.  All record stores in Database.

Project title: Books Management System

Front End: VB.NET 2005

Back End: SQL Server 2005

In this project it has 8 modules:

1. Books Module

Sub modules of this module are Add, Edit, Query.

2. Chapters Module

Sub modules of this module are Maintenance and Book Chapter

3. Subjects Module

Sub modules of this module are Add and Subject Wise books

4. Reports Module

Sub modules of this module are Books report, Chapters of book, Subjectwise book, Distribution of amount.

Download link:

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7 years ago

Nice project want a simple project on student management system in visual basic
send it to this account [email protected]

naveed ahsan
naveed ahsan
7 years ago
Reply to  ishmeal

please send this project report on this email id [email protected] please dont reject my request.

7 years ago

want online bookstore management system in php