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e-Student Admission System

e-Student Admission System is the Online student admission system developed for college using ASP scripting language. This website allows student’s to submit online admission application, Student admission, conduct test. It has options to modify the records. This is very simple asp script with database programming and its very easy to learn.

e-Student Admission System

In the old technology the student submits hard copy of the admission form to the college. The office staff should enter the records manually to their excel file. But this system removes the old method and this system is very userfriendly. Everything works online in the proposed system.

e-Student Admission System

Front End:

  • Hyper Text Markup Language(.html)
  • active server page (*.asp) files
  • Java Script (.js) files
  • cascading style sheet (.cs)

Back End:

  • Microsoft Access

Follow this step to configure and host ASP application in IIS.
STEP 1: Install IIS – If it is not installing in your system.
STEP 2: On the Start menu, click All Programs, click Accessories, and then click Run. In the Open box, type inetmgr and then click OK.
STEP 3: Right click web site tree and click new website.
STEP 4: Click Next button on welcome wizard form.
STEP 5: Type <<web site name>> and Click Next
STEP 6: Change the port no to 2020 (you can type any post number however this port number must not use any other web site hosted in this IIS ) and click Next
STEP 7: Click Browse button and select your source code folder and click Next.
STEP 8: Select following checkbox to execute the ASP application and click Next..
STEP 9: Click Finish to complete the process.
STEP 10: Open Internet Explorer and type http://localhost:2020/index.asp in address bar. It will open the site.

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