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Online Virtual Classroom System

The main idea of Online Virtual Classroom System is to overcome the disadvantages of traditional classroom interaction of student and faculty. Developing a virtual classroom web application which helps students to learn in an interactive manner and understand better. This is the teaching tool which helps teachers and instructors to create and teach courses online or use online technology to help run classes.

In the virtual classroom students or faculties need not attend the classes physically, the teaching sessions are carried out through online. The students were provided with Login ID and Password during the registration that helps them to view training videos and training materials. After the video demonstration student can send feedback or questions directly to the instructor. The faculty can upload quiz question for each and every training materials. Parents can monitor students performance by entering parents login detail. There are four types of users in this system. They are Students, Faculties, Parents and Administrator. The administrator is the ultimate controller of the website with highest authority.

Programming Language

Front End  PHP
Back EndMYsql Server  

Modules of Online Virtual Classroom System

  • Login module:

There are four types of users in this project, i.e; admin, faculty, student and parents. This module gives them option to login by entering login ID and password. After the login it links to main account page.

  • Study materials module:

Student can view study materials published by faculties. It displays a list of ppts, word documents and mainly interactive video lessons categorized by subjects. After the video lessons the students can send questions or feedbacks to the faculties.

  • Quiz module:

In this module student can submit quiz answers after video lesson. Students performance can be calculated in this quiz module.

  • Faculty panel module:

In this module the faculties or lecturers can upload study materials and video lectures. Even in this module the faculties can view all questions asked by the students and they can send reply to the questions by entering answers. The faculties can send bulk message to their student in case of absence.

  • Parents panel module:

The student parent can login to the system by entering login id and password. The parents can view students activities and performance in this module.

  • Dashboard module:

This module is for administrator. Administrator is the ultimate controller of the website with the highest authority. Administrator can add or delete faculty details and student records.

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