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Sales and Rental System

Project Name is Sales and Rental System in C# and MySql

Hello… I am Philip Cesar Garay, an IT student from Philippines and I am the who developed Sales and Rental System using C#.NET and MySQL Server as back end. This project is usefull for DVD shop. In this project there is two options, one is DVD shop owner can sell DVD’s to their customers and he can give DVD for rent. This is nice project for C# developers and its referred from planet source code.

Sales and Rental System

In this project we can connect database using mySQL connector. In MySQL connector user have to enter server name, port number, user id, password and database.

Main Features of this Project:

* the system has the capabilities to send email to there customer.

* Sales Order, Sales Return, Sales Delivery, Purchase Order, Purchase Order return and etc.

* can import from listview to excel.

* the system has a built -in Scheduler(Calendar scheduler like MS OUTLOOK).

* Charts and Graphs for data interpretation

For more Information Please refer :

Comments ( 12 )

  1. Hello… Im Philip Cesar Garay, an IT student from Philippines and I am the who developed that system and heres my proof on my blog

    Im glad that you post my project here for further promotions. Thank you so much.

  2. Thanks Mr. philip Cesar..
    you have uploaded nice project…
    All our trainees likes this project…
    I need more information regarding this projects..
    Mail me your contact Number and Email ID to [email protected]

  3. Relly thanks a Lot Because This site really More helpful for Begineer student for making all kind of need Project Guide.

    Vinay Patel

  4. can you please give me an idea for my final year project

  5. I am Hon Emmanson, a final year student. i am about undertaking a research on a topic titlled. “Relationship Between Parents Educational Background, Students Study Habits and Academic Performance of Secondary School Students” please i need some materials to help me complete the research work. i will appreciate if u will help with material on the above topic or related materials as soon as possible.

  6. Please i’m working on an “Online Grading system ” project using oracle database as the backend and PHP for the frontend .I need help and material please!!

  7. I am kenny working on an “supermarket database under sell managemanet” please help me with materias or guidelines.

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