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File Tracking System

A file tracking system is a software application that allows an organization to keep track of the location, status, and movement of physical and digital files. This system can be used to manage and monitor the flow of documents and other important information within an organization.

The system typically includes a database that stores information about each file, such as the file name, type, location, and status. Users can access the system to search for files, view file details, and update the status of a file.

The system also includes a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily navigate through the different files, search for specific files, and view related files. Users can also create new files, upload files, and edit existing files.

The system also includes a robust security feature that allows the administrator to manage the access to the files and the users who have access to the system.

The system also includes a reporting feature that allows the administrator to generate reports on the files, such as the number of files, the types of files, and the location of the files.

Additionally, the system can be integrated with other systems such as email, document management, and workflow management to create a streamlined and automated process for tracking and managing files.

Overall, a file tracking system is a useful tool for organizations that need to keep track of a large number of files, and want to ensure that the files are easily accessible and secure.

Software Requirements:

Here are some of the software requirements for a file tracking system built using ASP.NET:

  1. Operating System: Windows, Linux or MacOS.
  2. Web Server: IIS or Apache.
  3. .NET Framework: ASP.NET 4.x or later.
  4. Database: MS SQL Server
  5. Development Tools: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code or any other .NET compatible development environment.

File Tracking System project modules:

  • Login Module
  • Administrator Module
  • Data Management Module
  • Data conversion operator Module
  • Quality control Module
  • Server or quality Analyst Module
  • Report Module

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