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File Tracking System is used to track the progress of each activity in the software development life cycle, from the inception of a project until it is discarded. It consists of modules like Data Conversion Operators, Data Management, Administrator, Quality control, and Reports etc.

The objective is to create a system, which will help the management in the SDLC process starting from Login to Reports. This system will be Client/Server based, so that the project details can be available to the clients and top management easily all the time. With this system, the management can track the Data details like Uploading Downloading, Working days, etc. effectively and can use these Report for future.

Project Modules are:-

  • Login Module
  • Administrator Module
  • Data Management Module
  • Data conversion operator Module
  • Quality control Module
  • Server or quality Analyst Module
  • Report Module

Download Project Source Code and Project Report:

Download link>>

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Shweta Wadhwa
Shweta Wadhwa
5 years ago

I am working on File Tracking System….Will you help me out?