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Android Smart Messenger

Android Smart Messenger is a Android app just like Whatsapp, hike, google allo, etc. No one in this world is unfamiliar with Whatsapp, Hike. These apps come under the category of Smart Messaging app.  People do not have time to meet their beloved ones and speak to them face to face. Planning for any night out or for any other matter concerned we rely on the smart messaging apps than the direct phone conversations. Most of the conversations nowadays are being taken place through these smart messaging apps.

Android Smart Messenger

Android Smart Messenger

Whatsapp and Hike are the most famous among these smart messaging apps. The features of these apps are being improving day by day. You can send messages, photos, emojis, stickers, your location, video etc through these smart messaging apps. Also allows you to chat with the individuals and group. For the final year android project, app of this kind can be created. You can overcome the cons that are present in the available messaging apps and try to overcome in your project to make it look and work unique than others.

You can create your own version of Watsapp or Hike to make it more interesting. You can add more features to your smart messaging app project to distinguish it from other smart messaging apps.

You can include these features in your Smart Messaging App project:

  • Single chatting
  • Group chatting
  • Voice chatting
  • Share any type of files less than 100MB

So start creating the Smart Messaging app of your own and enjoy its features.

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