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Online Mobile Shop Modules

Online Mobile Shop Modules – An online mobile shop typically has a range of different modules or components that work together to provide the various features and functionality of the shop. The specific modules and features of an online mobile shop will depend on the needs and goals of the shop owner. Some shops may have more advanced features, such as personalized product recommendations or advanced search functionality, while others may have a more basic set of features.

Online Mobile Shop Modules

Online Mobile Shop Modules:

The modules used in this software are as follows:

  • Login: This module has a drop down list box from where we have to select
  • New user: This module is for the users who do not have their account. Here user is allowed to create an account to login. The account creation is done by filling the registration form with user details such as name, phone, email etc.
  • Product: This module has information regarding the mobiles such as its name, model, color, price information, its features etc.The ADMIN has the authority to Add, Delete, Update etc. The USER can only view the Mobile, add to cart only those in the stock etc.
  • Accessories: This module consists of various available accessories of the Mobile with its name and picture, price information etc.
  • Search: This module helps the customer to ease his search based on his budget or interest. The search can be done on different categories like mobile model name, model number, colour, price etc
  • Cart: User can select any number of Mobile and add to the cart. He can also remove from the cart if he dislikes it later.
  • Payment: This module describes the payment done by the customer. The payment information can include information like the model purchased, quantity, mode of payment (cash, loan) etc.
  • Stocks: This gives the details regarding the products available for sale.
  • Product catalog: This module is responsible for storing and organizing information about the products that are available in the shop, including details such as product names, descriptions, images, and pricing.
  • Shopping cart: This module allows customers to select products and add them to their virtual shopping cart, which they can then check out when they are ready to make a purchase.
  • Payment gateway: This module is responsible for securely processing payments from customers, including verifying payment details and charging the customer’s credit or debit card.
  • Order management: This module tracks and manages orders as they are placed, including updating inventory levels, sending confirmation emails to customers, and tracking order status.
  • Customer account management: This module allows customers to create and manage their own accounts, including storing their billing and shipping information and tracking their past orders.
  • Inventory management: This module is responsible for tracking the quantities of products in stock and alerting the shop owner when stock levels are low.
  • Marketing and promotional tools: This module includes features such as email marketing, special offers, and referral programs to help drive traffic and sales to the shop.

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