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Online Retail Management System

Retail management refers to the process which helps the customers to obtain the desired resources from the retail stores. Online Retail Management System allows the customers to have a good experience and leave the store with a smile. It helps them to shop without any difficulty. It saves time of the customers since they will be able to buy the desired items at one stretch. One can design this online retail application database project for the effective maintenance of the retail application. Through this project, the customer will be able to login to the application and will be issued with the unique customer name and customer id.

Online Retail Management System

Online Retail Management System

E-commerce is the process of buying and selling goods online which is growing at a faster pace. Nowadays many business houses are making use of the e-commerce as a part of their business which is assumed to be another way of making profit. Shopping on web through the internet has become a common process. An online store is a store where the customers will be able to browse the items of their choice. Using the online retail application database project, the customer should register in order to purchase any item. He needs to also provide bank details like bank name, account number etc. He can even have multiple account number. Once the registration is done, the customer will be given with the unique customer id, user name and password. A customer will then be able to purchase one or more items of his choice. The items will be classified according to the category like prices, discounts etc. The bill will be generated based on the prices of the number of items purchased. The bank account that was given at the time of the registration will be used to settle the bill. The customer can also specify as to where the particular item should be delivered.

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