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Face Recognition based attendance system using Raspberry Pi

Face Recognition based attendance system using Raspberry Pi

Project title given Face Recognition based attendance system using Raspberry Pi which will identify face with its unique feature. This Face Recognition system is the machine learning project which identifies registered persons face automatically. Mainly this project used as attendance system which track attendees record automatically by identifying face. This project can be used for schools, colleges and office. You need to Raspberry Pi kit and Webcam to run this application.

Why we developed this project?

Every college or company has attendance system. Now a days everything is automated. But Maximum companies and institutes follow old paper based attendance system. This system works better than old paper system. Face Recognition or identification, Automatic Attendance entry, Attendance calculation, Generating attendance report everything automated in this system. This is give best solution for attendance system project.

Even face recognition is the future of Technology. So we can use this for long time. We can add additional features in this which will be helpful for users for this technology.

Features of the project:

  • This project developed using Android. This we done using Raspberry Pi.
  • To track attendance report user or students needs to install Android app.
  • This application stores and displays attendance report.
  • Any companies or college/institutes can use this application.
  • This will recognize persons face and submits attendance detail automatically.
  • This is cloud based project. Data stores in server.
  • After taking attendance this will send the notification to user’s mobile phone.

Things used for Face Recognition based attendance system using Raspberry Pi:

  • Raspberry Pi kit
  • Webcam

Project Cost: Rs. 10000

To order this project Kindly contact our Whatsapp number. This is our whatsapp number : +919972853368.
We send working project and source code to your address through courier. Along with this we provide video demonstration.

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