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Machine Learning Projects for Final Year students

Machine Learning Projects for Final Year students

Here is the Machine Learning Projects for Final Year students. This ideas shared after the development. You can use this for your final year project. This takes minimum one month to develop. If you have any enquiries contact us on whatsapp or Email.

Machine Learning Projects for Final Year students

Machine Learning Projects for Final Year students

  • Real time face attendance system
  • Human Emotion Recognition and Music Player
  • Rice leaf disease detection
  • Malaria infected cell detection
  • Person Counting Camera for daily logs (For Railway Stations, Bus stations etc.)
  • Any industrial part detection and counting system for identifying the count of daily production in industry
  • Chatbot – Customized
  • Car speed tracking
  • Student information – Chatbot for Staff
  • Tracking objects in Video
  • Phishing sites detection
  • AI based Home automation (without sensors- NO IOT)
  • Cancel cell detection
  • Malaria detection using deep learning
  • Thyroid detection using deep learning
  • Pneumonia cell detection using deep learning
  • Brain tumor detection
  • Plant recognition using deep learning
  • Fruit recognition using deep learning
  • Currency recognition for blind people
  • Real-time Object Detection
  • Live health monitoring system
  • Android Smart Door lock
  • Person following drone
  • IOT Smart Dustbin
  • Machine learning based home automation without sensors
  • Camera Drone
  • Baggage Tracker
  • Facial recognition door with Raspberry pi
  • Automated water tank fill for Home (If your water tank is empty or full, this system will automatically activate and deactivate the switch)
  • IOT based baby monitoring system
  • Food serving robot on dining table
  • Human Following robot
  • Path following robot

Any type of Android and Web Development Projects are available here.

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