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Bus Pass Online Application

Bus Pass Online Application

In Bus Pass Online Application Customer can buy the bus ticket over the Internet, 24 hours a day throughout the week, this solves the issue of bus ticket being misplaced or stolen. In addition, the online system lets the customers check the availability of the bus ticket before they buy bus ticket. Furthermore, customers no need to pay cash to buy bus ticket because they can pay the bus ticket by using Credit Card.

This website keeps all information of all Bus pass. This online bus pass software system will help students and passengers get bus passes online and eliminate the need to stand in ques for passer or collecting a ticket for each journey. Passengers first need to verify themselves the system using various address and photo proofs. Once verified the system allows them to book passes for any route online.

 Pass system projects that manages and provides various bus pas functionality. The project allows users to register on the bus pass website and interact online to manage their account and bus pass related transactions.

The software system allows users to:

  • Apply for a new bus pass.
  • Apply for a duplicate pass.
  • Renew their pass.
  • Get a print receipt of their pass.
  • Students get 10% discount and senior citizens get 30 percent discount o the pass.
  • The pass is available on monthly as well as quarterly basis.

The system also consists of an admin login that allows the admin to:

  • View various transactions.
  • View pass application details.
  • Manage user details.

Project Details:

Module Specification:

  • Admin
    • Manage Admin User.
    • Approve Register Customer.
    • Mange Bus.
    • Manage Bus Schedule and Rate.
    • View Student Pass request and approve.
    • View Booking.
    • View Cancel Booking.
    • View Payment status.
    • View Query and reply.
    • Send Email.
    • View Feedback.
    • Generate various report.
  • Customer
    • Request for Registration.
    • Login to Portal.
    • Manage Profile.
    • Search Bus Schedule and rate.
    • View Services
    • Request for Booking.
    • Request For Bus Pass.
    • Payment Online.
    • Send Query.
    • Give Feedback.

Download Bus Pass Online Application

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