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Construction Project Management System

Construction Project Management System

Construction Project Management System is mainly about to automate the existing system of manually maintain the records of the Customer payment, Enquiry details, advance payment, booking and other details of construction in systematic way in both manually and computerized manner. Construction involves various modules such as Projects, Customer, Payment and Reports. Admin has the right to change the content of the user details and the information regarding the materials.

Construction Project Management System

Product Functions:

The data represented in construction software application will perform the following major functions:

  • Registering the new projects
  • Searching in the existing projects
  • Booking the flats
  • Customer payments
  • Calculating the payments
  • Generating reports

Programming Language:

  • Programming language: VB.Net
  • Database: SQL Server

Modules of Construction Project Management System

  • Raw Material: In order to carry out various processes at the firm the availability of raw materials is very important and hence this function plays a key role. Regular updation of the stock of the materials is done.
  •  Project: In this module, the buildings located in various places which have to come up in the future or the ones which are already constructed, the details of such buildings are added.
  • Flat: There is numerous numbers of flats in every building. Every flat is assigned an area. Basically, in this module area is assigned.
  • Enquiry: Before the booking is done, the customers come for enquiry. When the customers come for enquiry, the basic details of the customers are noted and also on which project they have shown their interest is also noted.
  • Customer Booking: Booking form is used when the customer is ready to pay the advance. And the Total amount of the flat is calculated.
  • Employee: The basic details of the employees are added.
  • Attendance: Day To Day attendance of the employee’s is marked and based on the attendance, salary is calculated.
  • Salary: Based on the attendance, the salary of the employees is calculated.
  • Payment: Payment module will include the Customer payment and the Maintenance payment of the clients to the company.
  • Report: Report module includes all the Payment reports and the Maintenance reports of the constructions taken place.

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