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Online Hotel Booking and Service Portal

Online Hotel Booking and Service Portal

In Online Hotel Booking and Service Portal website customers can search and book hotel Rooms and other hotel services like spa and Beauty parlor services, cab booking, food order, etc. Administrator can add or update the hotel and room information, Employee details, Room tariff details, spa and beauty parlor tariff details, cab details and other services offered by hotel. The main purpose of developing this project is to provide user friendly hotel booking and service portal which helps customers as well as management. In this project customer can search for hotels or lodges and they can book hotel rooms along with hotel services. Hotel services like Spa & beauty parlor, cab services, food services can be booked through online. The existing system doesn’t provide online hotel service booking features but in our system we implement all these features which is helps for customers and hotel management.

Video Demo of this Online Hotel Booking Project:

Innovativeness and usefulness of Online Hotel Booking System:

  • Customer can book all the hotel facilities from anywhere and anytime.
  • Customer can view all hotel facitlities, features directly through online without visiting hotel.
  • Customer can book the room, beauty parlour services and cab booking services directly through online.
  • Customer can take billing receipt and booking information through online.

Software requirements:

  • Software: XAMPP 1.8.2
  • PHP Server : Apache server 5.4.19
  • IDE : Adobe Dreamweaver CS 6.0, Notepad++
  • Design and interface: HTML, CSS
  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End : MySQL Server
  • Scripting Language: AJAX, Javascript
  • Browser : Google chrome, Mozilla firefox      

Modules of Online Hotel Booking and Service Portal

  • Account module:  In this module, Customer can register through online  by entering name, email id, contact number, address, login id, password, etc. After the registration customer can login to the hotel reservation website.
  • Room module: In this module, administrator can add rooms and it has options to add different types of rooms.
  • Booking module: In the booking module, customer can book the room by selecting room type,check-in date,check-out date. After booking the room customer will receive a booking receipt.
  • Spa and Beauty parlour: In this module, customer can book for spa and beauty parlour services by entering booking date and time. Customer can only book this service between their selected room check-in and check-out date.
  • Travel module: This module is for customer where customer can book a car for rent.
  • Payment module: In this module, the customer can make payment through online for room services, spa and beauty parlour services and for cab booking.
  • Dashboard module:  This module is for administrator where administrator can add different room types, room details, room tariff details, hall details.

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Download Link contains:

  • Complete Source Code with Sample database
  • Complete Project Documentation

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