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Periodic Table Of Elements

The periodic table of elements is a chart that arranges the chemical elements by their atomic number, electron configuration, and recurring chemical properties. The elements are arranged in rows (periods) and columns (groups) based on their properties, which allows for the prediction of the properties of undiscovered elements.

The periodic table has seven horizontal rows called periods and 18 vertical columns called groups. The elements in each group have similar properties, and the elements in each period have similar electron configurations.

The first element on the periodic table is hydrogen, and the last element is currently oganesson (element 118). The periodic table is constantly being updated as new elements are discovered and added to the table.

Periodic Table Of Elements project is developed for science students. In this project, the user can place mouse on any chemical element to view the atomic number, full name of that chemical element. Chemical elements are classified into ten categories. In this project, the user can place mouse on any element to know the detail of that chemical element. This project is very useful for science students.

This presents complete information. It has ten groups of elements and they are: Alkali metals, alkaline metals, metalloids, other non-metals, halogens, noble gases, lanthonoids, actinoids, transition metals, post-transition metals are the groups of elements. This periodic table elements can be useful for chemistry and physics students, as well as researchers of science.

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