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Online Shopping System

There are lots of things we use for daily life. It may be vegetables, grocery items, computer, mobile phones, dresses, footwear, watches, furniture, gaming products and many more. In this busy life its very difficult to spend more time on shopping by visiting market. In Online Shopping System customers can sit at home and buy whatever they want. Not only that, also the item which customers purchased will be delivered to their home. This e-Commerce technology already implemented by many companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Shopclues, etc.

How this Online Shopping System project works?

Any verified Vendors can sell their goods and products in this. Customers can search for items by category, by color. The product list will display with category name, Image, product name and cost. Customer can view detailed information about the product in description section. After confirmation customers can put loved ones product in the cart. Customers can buy more than one item at a time after listed in the cart. Customer needs to enter card details to confirm payment and order. After ordering the product the system generates receipt.

Project screenshot

Software technology used:

  • Project category: Web Application
  • Design and Interface: HTML, CSS
  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End: MySQL
  • Scripting language: Javascript, Jquery
  • IDE: Notepad++/Adobe dreamweaver
  • Software: XAMPP – Apache server & MySQL database server


  • Home Page module : This is the first page of website. Home page redirects different pages. About us, Faq page and contact us pages are static pages in the website.
  • Customer Account: To create new customer account customer needs to register to the system. Existing users can login to the system. Customer can update his profile and he can change his password after the login.
  • Purchase cart: This will show added list in the cart.
  • Payment panel: This allows user to make payment. After the payment the system generates receipt.
  • Supplier account: Administrator can verify supplier account. After verification supplier or vendor can sell products through online.
  • Sell product: Selling product done by supplier. Suppliers can add product, view product set discount, expiry date, etc.
  • View Ordered products: Suppliers can view product order list done by customer.
  • Products List module: This view display all product lists. Customer can search and view products and they can filter products by category. Seller can view only his products. Admin can monitor all products and he has option to delete the product.
  • Dashboard module: This component is for administrator to manage settings part of the website. Admin is the superuser having full authority of the website.
  • Category and sub category: Category and subcategories used to stores product types. Only admin can add and edit or delete the category details.
  • Message Module: Customer can communicate with admin through message features.
  • Report module: This module displays order report, product report, customer report, etc.

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  • Complete Source code with sample Database
  • Project Synopsis

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  1. when you will upload complete project?

  2. link download ? please

  3. I just downloaded the project, its great but since i am beginner in PHp i cant fix few of error actually notice but finally the web doesnt work. Thees are the notice, so please help me fix it and try to learn something from this project…

    Notice: Undefined index: submitMain in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 123

    and fallows the others notice as :

    *Product Id :
    Notice: Undefined variable: prid in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 167
    *Product Short Name :
    Notice: Undefined variable: psname in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 171
    *Product Long Name :
    Notice: Undefined variable: plname in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 176
    *Product Image : Product Size / Dimension :
    Notice: Undefined variable: psize in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 184
    Unit of Measure :
    Notice: Undefined variable: puom in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 188
    *Minimum Quantity To Be Order :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pqty in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 192
    *Quantity Available :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pqtyavb in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 196
    Product Color :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pcolor in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 200
    Product Brand :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pbrand in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 204
    *Product Features :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pfeatures in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 208
    *Category :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pcat in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 212
    *Sub Category :
    Notice: Undefined variable: psubcat in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 216
    Short Description :
    Notice: Undefined variable: psdis in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 220
    *Long Description :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pldis in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 224
    *Product Status :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pstatus in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 228
    *Mode of Delivery :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pdel in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 231
    *Delivery Lead Time :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pdlead in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 235
    -daysSpecification :
    Notice: Undefined variable: psep in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 239
    and also when u are trying to register as new user image loader doesnt work…

  4. hi dude hoping u vil be fine. can u please mail me complete project report my email add is [email protected]

  5. if you can provide your this project please send me too. i will be thankful to you.

  6. i forgot to thank you. thanx for your help

  7. thanx alot…

  8. hi . can u please mail me a complete project report on online point of sale system my email add is [email protected]…thank you

  9. hi can u please mail me how to display the selected product data code by using vb6.0as front end nd msaccess as back end

  10. plz… get me full documentayion

  11. sir plz send this project to [email protected]

  12. hello, pls can you send me the full documentation to [email protected]

  13. sir plz send me full documentation.

  14. please send me the project pls [email protected] thanks a lot.

  15. im having some difficulties with the country_list menu and the captcha need help plssssssssss

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  18. please sent me the full documentation of Online Shopping cart project.
    on ma mail id [email protected]

  19. Dear Author, i got problem in the chaptcha display after successfully installing on my wamp server. please help me and please write me in my email: [email protected]

  20. i got a problem in signup form..when i do sign up there is a field mandatory giving the alert that username is wt should i do now…i am unable for signup a new user…please send me all the details/ Documentation on my id [email protected]

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  22. purai bogas ekta site……..

  23. how to download the project??
    please reply soon

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