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Online Grocery Website

Online Grocery Website

Without a doubt, the online grocery marketplace is the next big thing in eCommerce. The main objective of this Online Grocery Website is to enable the customer to purchase their daily groceries and pay for that through online. The Online Grocery Store includes online vegetable store, groceries. A supermarket is a self-service shop offering a wide variety of food, beverages and household products, organized into sections and shelves. The supermarket typically has aisles for meat, fresh produce, dairy, and baked goods. Online super market enables customers to purchase the products online from home or office and the respective products will get delivered to the recipient. Online shopping of products saves a lot of time.

Video Demonstration:

This Video demonstration which explains about Online Grocery Store project.

Features of Online Grocery Website

  • This is the powerful solution for any grocery store.
  • This project is specially designed for the multipurpose shops like mega store, grocery store, supermarket, organic shop, and online stores selling products like beverages, vegetables, fruits, ice creams, paste, herbs, juice, meat, cold drinks, sausages, cocktails, soft drinks, cookies.
  • The admin panel is simple, easy to use and a powerful feature. Using Admin Panel, user can create supermarket stores. Each Supermarket store will have a Pin Code entered by the site owner. With this dynamic admin panel admin can have a complete control over your business. Admin or staff can upload unlimited grocery products and manage them easily.
  • This online grocery store for complete grocery product amazingly simple and fastest inventory and accounting system for small businesses and it handles multiple customers.

Software Requirements

  • Server: Apache server
  • Database Server: MySQL Server
  • IDE: Notepad++
  • Package Software: XAMPP
  • Design: HTML, CSS
  • Language : PHP
  • Validation and script: Javascript and Jquery

Modules of Online Grocery Website

  • Customer account module: Public customer or non-registered visitor can view the groceries through online, but to purchase the grocery customer needs to login to the website. New customer can register to the system by entering profile details. Registered customer can post reviews/comments and he can like or dislike the product. After the login customer can change his password or profile details.
  • Online Order module: The customer can select the items and put it into a cart and as soon as he clicks on finish, the total amount to be paid is displayed. View cart screen shows all the selected items, here quantity as to be entered. And also option is provided to deselect the products.The customer can pay cash on delivery or else he can pay by entering his credit card number and address to which the items have to be shipped. The system generates bill after making payment.
  • Payment module: Here the customer can see the payment options available to him. When customer clicks the “Order” link,it will go straight to the “Paid” orders.
  • Reports module: Here customer can track his order details and reports of the orders placed by him in the past. The administrator can view the order details and order reports of all the customers.
  • Dashboard Module: This module is used by the administrator. Admin has full authority of the website who will monitor complete features of the website.
  • Items module: In items module,customer can make purchasethe items in just a few mouse clicks. The customer can choose the required groceries and place an order for products.
  • Category module: In category module,admin can add categories based on the items. Customer can view the items based on category.
  • Sub-category module: In sub-category module, admin can add sub categories based category added in the category module. Customer can view the items based on category and sub-category.

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  3. Please upload demo of this project. We waiting for it. I sent you message in whatsapp too. But you Didn’t uploaded.

  4. Kindly upload the demo. How can I purchase workout seeing demo

  5. Hello, I saw video. But in video it explained only windows operating pc tutorial. It is showing only how to install in windows pc.

    But I want to know How to install this project in linux pc. I am having linux pc.

  6. After payment when will you submit project of online super market? please reply as soon as possible. 

    • We have already sent you project in Whatsapp. please check that. Please don’t call that number, You almost called 20+ times, please don’t call like that.. We will answer all your queries in whatsapp message.

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