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Online Gift Shop

Online Gift Shop

Online Gift Shop project is for customers to order gifts through online for home delivery or pick up from shop. This Web Application helps customer to find different gifts according category, price, sub category. As the internet users are increasing exponentially, the company has introduced Online Gift Shop System for taking orders from customers. This system not only improves customer’s experience but also eases the workload on the staff of gift shop. This project developed using PHP and all the record stores in MySQL database.

Online Gift Shop

Project scope and Features

  • This project is based on the idea of an Online Gift Gallery Shopping Project with Web Portal.
  • Users can search for products from the search bar.
  • This system helps customers to place orders through online also eases the workload on the staff of gift shop. This system will make things easier for staff as whole ordering process is done by customer only.
  • In this project customer will able to see all the information related Gift products, Gift categories, etc.
  • As most of the things will be performed online, it will reduce the usage of paper for the gift shop.
  • Online Gift Shop system is a web based application which enables customers to order gift items through online for home delivery or pick up from the shop.
  • It would be much more comfortable for the customers to have an online gift order. It would be hassle free for users as they can select the gifts they want and make payment for it. Also it will reduce the purchasing time for customers.
  • This system will help customers in ordering custom gifts. So the customer will pick exactly the things which he/she wants in their gifts. This will surely enhance the image of the gift shop and customer satisfaction will be more.
  • This system will give option to the customer for online payment.
  • This system will provide customer all the details of his order before making order. This confirmation will help customers to check the items ordered with their prices.
  • This system will show the time by which the order will be delivered to the customer. For pick-ups customers can fix the time by which they will pick their order.

User Interfaces:

There are three types of users in this system. They are:

  • Administrator: The administrators are super users where they can add products details, categories, shop owners etc.
  • Staff: Staff can view orders and billing report.
  • Customers: The customers can order gifts through online. The customer should register to the system by entering their profile details.

Software interface:

  • Apache server
  • PHP
  • MYSQL server

Project Modules of Online Gift Shop:

  • Login module:  In this module login option is provided to login. Also new signup option is provided to for new user to sign up.
  • Shop owner module: Any user can submit a shop creation request through online. When the request is approved by the Administrator, the requester is notified, and from there on is given the role of Shop Owner. The Shop Owner is responsible for setting up the shop and maintaining it. The shop owner can add or remove items from his shop. The Shop Owner can view different reports that give details of the sales and orders specific to his shop. The Shop Owner can also decide to close shop and remove it from the website.
  • Category module: This module is to define different types of main category and sub category. The subcategory products will display under the main category.
  • Products module: The shop owner has the authority to add or delete items from online gift shop. Shop owner also has the right to modify those details. They can add new products by entering product name, product price, product description, category, etc.
  • Shopping module: The customer can select the items and put it into a cart and as soon as he clicks on finish, the total amount to be paid is displayed and also provides discount if any. View cart screen shows all the selected items, here quantity as to be entered. And also option is provided to deselect the products. The customer can pay cash on delivery or else he can pay by entering his credit card number and address to which the items have to be shipped. The system generates bill after making payment.
  • Order module: Here customer can see all the order details that he placed. When customer clicks the “Order” link it will go straight to the “Paid” orders.
  • Admin module: Administrator has full permission to access this web site. Administrator or employees can handle customer details, and he can communicate with customers through mail. If customer forgets his password employee can reset his password.
  • Reports module: Here user can track purchase details, sales details, monthly report, weekly sales report, etc.
  • Dashboard module: The dashboard module is for administrator where admin can add items, staff, category, promo code, etc.

Video Demo of Online Gift Center:

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  • Complete source code with sample database.
  • Complete Project documentation.

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