Intelligence Knowledge Based Retorter

The intention of Intelligence Knowledge Based Retorter project is to automate all the services provided by a Business Organization to its customers. IKR acts as a helpmate for the customers to give their problems online whenever the customer needs, without any constraints implied on them. This system helps the customers to briefly explain their complaint without any hesitation.

This System will allow the business process to run efficiently and will be used   to   assist  or  satisfy  the   customer   by  giving  a  brief  solution   for  their  complaint  within   a   minimum  amount of time. Through this system the customers are assisted with some frequently asked questions which save the precious time of the customers.

The customers receive the solutions for their complaint in a brief way within a day and the customer can also view the status of the complaint at any time using the complaint number.

The services provided by IKR to its customers includes:

  • Clearing customer queries(Complaints)
  • Clarifying the Complaints.

Besides providing services to its customers, it also helps in promoting the company name and its products.

Programming Languages:

  • SQL Server 2000

IKR is divided into five modules by which we can get the desired output. The modules are given below:

  • Client module
  • Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) module
  • Quality Analyzer(QA) module
  • Customer Support Representatives (CSR) module
  • Reports

Download project code:

download project


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