Online Agriculture Management system

Online Agriculture Management System is the web application which helps farmers by providing various kinds Agri related information and Agri services in the website. This website helps farmers by providing them a large online market to sell their produce. Customer can send purchase request and they can purchase product through website. Even farmers can hire laborer and they can be updated with the latest agricultural developments with articles and blogs module. Admin can post latest news and articles and he can sell agriculture machinery products in the website. Workers can upload their resume and they can view work schedules after the login.

To provide technology and services to the farmers, sellers and farm laborers thus, helping then to expand their business and provide them with a wider market. Hence, improve the present farming processes and to provide knowledge about recent agricultural issues. To provide a helping hand to the farmers and farm laborers in improving their lives through the medium of technology, thereby, improving the Agricultural sector in the Indian economy.

Online Agriculture Management System

Features of this project

  • Title of the Project is Agribuzz / iAgro.
  • The Mobile friendly web interface has been designed completely user friendly, to facilitate the access even to an illiterate farmer.
  • Its complete package of farmer management system. The farmer can sell their productions through webportal and the customer can purchase the seeds and products through webportal.
  • Article and blogs – This is the public page and any one can read it without login. This contains useful information about agriculture.
  • There are 4 types of users Farmer, Customer, Admin and Worker. Admin is the main user of the website. The login id and password must required to login the system.
  • Admin can sell machinery products or any Agri chemicals in the Web Portal.
  • Various kinds of Report generated.

Programming Language:

  • Design and interface: HTML, CSS
  • Programming Language: PHP
  • Scripting Language: AJAX, Javascript
  • Database: MySQL Server

Modules of Online Agriculture Management System

  • eFarmer Account
  • Customer Account
  • Worker Account
  • Farmer Kit
  • Farmer Market
  • News & Article
  • Category settings
  • Location settings
  • Dashboard module
  • Generate Report

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  • Complete Source code with sample database (You will get mini project and major project)
  • Complete project documentation
  • View more..

Additional Features

  • Email features can be integrated on request.
  • SMS features can be integrated on request.

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Dilashasn jayatilak
Dilashasn jayatilak
5 months ago

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[18/02, 11:15 am] Dilshan Jayatilaka: Thank You. The project is really helpful.
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[18/02, 11:15 am] Dilshan Jayatilaka: I will contact you if i need any help ????
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