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Online Agriculture Management System

Online Agriculture Management System

Online Agriculture Management System is the web application which helps farmers by providing various kinds Agri related information and Agri services in the website. This website helps farmers by providing them a large online market to sell their produce. Customer can send purchase request and they can purchase product through website. Even farmers can hire laborer and they can be updated with the latest agricultural developments with articles and blogs module. Admin can post latest news and articles and he can sell agriculture machinery products in the website. Workers can upload their resume and they can view work schedules after the login.

To provide technology and services to the farmers, sellers and farm laborers thus, helping then to expand their business and provide them with a wider market. Hence, improve the present farming processes and to provide knowledge about recent agricultural issues. To provide a helping hand to the farmers and farm laborers in improving their lives through the medium of technology, thereby, improving the Agricultural sector in the Indian economy.

Online Agriculture Management System

Features of Online Agriculture Management System

  • The farmers can sell their productions online and the buyer can purchase various agricultural products online.  Buyer can send purchase request to check the quality of the product.
  • After collecting all the farm produce from the farmers, it should be sold to the wholesaler/retailer. This module covers these entries and the charge details also should be entered. The Payments will be received from the wholesaler/retailer once the product delivered to them.
  • There are 4 types of users: Customer, Farmers, Workers, and Administrator. The login id and password must be required to login the system.
  • The article and blog section helps farmers to improve their productivity and profitability.
  • Administrator can view and print all kinds of reports.

Programming Language:

  • Design and interface: HTML, CSS
  • Programming Language: PHP
  • Scripting Language: AJAX, Javascript
  • Database: MySQL Server

Modules of Online Agriculture Management System

  • Login module: In this module, the customer, seller, worker and the admin can login to the system by entering login id and password. The system opens main account page after the login.
  • Customer module: The customer can register to the website by entering profile details. The customer can purchase products which are uploaded by administrator. They can also send purchase request for purchasing farm produce which is uploaded by farmers. After quality test and price quotation, the customer can approve or reject the purchase request.
  • Seller module: The farmers are the sellers where they can sell their productions online. The system will display farm produces in the main page of the website.
  • Worker module: This module is for labours where they can register by entering their profile and experience details. The farmers can hire farm labourers in this module.
  • Dashboard module: Dashboard module is for administrator and employees. In the dashboard module, admin has complete settings of the website. Employees can manage all kinds of records.
  • Article module: In the article module, employees or admin can post news and blogs. This article module is helpful for farmers. The farmers can view the article by browsing article menu.
  • Category module: In this module, the administrator can create different types of categories. The system has three types of categories:  i.e. Farm Produce, Agricultural Machinery & Tools, and Article types.
  • Location module: This is the master page where admin can add country, state, city.
  • Products module: This website sells two kinds of products. Admin or employees can sell products directly and it has another option where farmers can sell their productions online.
  • Billing Report: The system generates billing after purchasing the product. The system calculates total cost automatically. In the billing report, it displays customer contact details, billing details, and purchased product information.

Users of Online Agriculture Management System

       There are 4 kinds of users for the proposed system.

  • Administrators: Administrators are the ones who can add or administer the categories for the products, and administers the all website information’s. Administrator has full privilege of the website.
  • Sellers: Sellers are the farmers and they can sell their productions through online after the registration. After the registration the farmers can login to the system by entering login id and password.
  • Customer: Customers can buy products through online. The customer can send purchase request to check the quality of the products.
  • Worker: Workers can receive various work requests from multiple farmers and they can also reject or approve a request depending upon their interest.

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