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Agriculture Management System Project

Agriculture Management System Project

An agriculture management system is a platform that helps farmers and other agriculture professionals to manage and optimize their farming operations. India is fourth largest agriculture sector in the world. Agriculture sector provides employment to over two third population of the country. The Agriculture Management System Project provides its users and researches to get online information about, the crop, statistical details and new tendencies. This project is aimed at solving some of the major problems related to farmers. The web interface has been designed completely user friendly, to facilitate the access even to an illiterate farmer.

The main objective of developing “Agriculture Management System Project” application is to help farmers by providing all kinds agriculture related information in the website. Agriculture Management System is farmer management website application which helps farmers to give best-practice farming processes. It helps farmers to improve their productivity and profitability. It enables farmers to sell their products online and farmers can purchase tools and seeds directly from seller. Farmers can view labours profile and they can hire labours. An agriculture management system is a platform that helps farmers and other agriculture professionals to manage and optimize their farming operations.

Agriculture Management System Project

This product has following features:

  • The farmers can sell their productions online and the buyer can purchase various agricultural products online.  Buyer can send purchase request to check the quality of the product.
  • After collecting all the farm produce from the farmers, it should be sold to the wholesaler/retailer. This module covers these entries and the charge details also should be entered. The Payments will be received from the wholesaler/retailer once the product delivered to them.
  • There are 4 types of users: Customer, Farmers, Workers, and Administrator. The login id and password must be required to login the system.
  • The article and blog section helps farmers to improve their productivity and profitability.
  • Administrator can view and print all kinds of reports.

Software Interfaces:

  • Development tool: PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) : Hypertext Preprocessor, JavaScript, Ajax
  • Scripting server: Apache server
  • Data Base server: MySQL
  • IDE: Adobe Dreamweaver CS6.0 / Notepad++ / Sublime

Video Demo

Download Source code and Project Report of Agriculture Management System Project:

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  1. How to get project

  2. hi; i am currently working on crop prediction and gathered some data. Now I want to integrate my crop prediction attribute to this project and also want to add some additional features like how to learn farming from beginning based on crop we select. This is because in today’s livelihood many farmers are committing suicides and also growth rate of farming has reduced. After completing my integration i would like to release this in play store and app store and try to influence people who are interested in farming. So could you please help me in this part as i am a data analyst. And I am not good at coding. Based on the work I will pay you because I am a student and  I am not having any income now. I am a student from Gitam Vizag. This is my contact number: 7993824086

    • This comment is edited.

      Thank you for reaching out and sharing your project idea. It’s inspiring to see your commitment to addressing crucial issues in agriculture through technology. I appreciate your passion for making a positive impact on the lives of farmers.

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