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Alumni Tracking System

Alumni Tracking System

Alumni data is truly valuable asset, each and every college need alumni data. The alumni database should get updated automatically with every change in an alumnus career. The purpose of developing Alumni Tracking System is to provide the platform for the alumni graduates to be in contact with their college. We made a system which can be accessible throughout the world. This also helps the college management to keep track of all the students passed out from their college. The college will know the career details of the alumni and it’s a proud feeling for the college to know that their students are well settled and built their career successfully.

We made a Alumni Tracking System project which stores a database of alumni, including companies which they are working in and positions they hold. This project allows colleges to keep track of exactly where alumni are currently working, making it easier for you to understand whom to reach out to. This project offers alumni to find job new opportunities, view meeting or Event schedules and stay connected with their college. All users can search alumni members based on criteria like place, position, regional users. PHP programming script used to develop this project. HTML and CSS used to design the web pages. The system uses MySQL database hence all the records of the system will be stored in the MySQL database server.

Usually, most college depend upon sponsors to host any events or stage programs. This Alumni Tracking System project is the best platform where college can request with alumnus to donate the funds to host the events. The alumni can donate the fund amount they wish to the college management for the development of their college. They can also view the total collection of funds as well as the utilised fund amount. This is the most important part of the system. When alumnus start sending in their donations, the website keeps track of how much funds has been received and who has sent it. Even alumni members can view how much amount received by college and how much money spent by college to host the events or any other purpose.

The alumni graduate of the college can register to the webpage of the college and they can donate fund to the college from all over world. The alumni can contact their friends as well their faculties. The alumni can participate in the training programmes of the college which would help them in career building. The alumni graduates settled in different companies can post the job vacancies in their locations and the other alumni seeking job can view the job offers and apply for the job. The alumni can add the job postings of different locations under various different fields. Other alumni graduates can view these job posts and can apply for the job if they are in search of it.

The project shows all alumni members profile and one can communicate with others through chat box. The alumnus can view events and training programs through online. Even the system allows users to view office bearers. The system has registration option for staff members. The alumni can view the various photos of the college in the gallery. The alumni can provide their suggestions to the college management in the feedback panel. The admin or the staff can post the details of the various events that take place in the college and the alumni can know about these events. The staff must register to the portal to use the website and the admin must verify and activate staff account to make available for the staff to login to the webpage. The admin monitors the staff and the alumni and manages the entire activities of the website.

Alumni Tracking System

Programming Language

PHP programming script used to develop this project. HTML and CSS used to design the web pages. The system uses MySQL database hence all the records of the system will be stored in the MySQL database server.

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  2. What is the problem statement of this project????

    • An Alumni Tracking System is a system used to keep track of the whereabouts and accomplishments of graduates of a particular institution. The problem statement for such a system would be to provide a centralized database for storing and retrieving alumni information, as well as tools for alumni to update their own contact information and share their accomplishments with the institution. Additionally, the system should provide functionality for the institution to communicate with alumni, such as sending newsletters or reaching out for donations. The goal of the system is to maintain strong relationships between the institution and its alumni, and to provide valuable resources for both parties.

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