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Ice Factory Management System

Ice Factory Management System

The Ice Factory system produces, packages and merchandises ice onsite. The project ICE Factory Management System is used for maintaining the Stock, Accounts, Sales, Employee Payroll of the Company Associates. This is a standalone System that supports multi user. It is mainly used for maintaining the Accounts, Sales, Employee Payroll Details.

Advantages of Project

  • Simple and customized software
  • Sales entries along with transportation charges
  • User friendly
  • Reduces the paper work.
  • Human efforts are reduces.
  • Bills can be generated easily.
  • Easy identification of the employee.
  • Easy salary maintenance of the employee.
  • It Speeds up the Working Process

Languages Used:

  • Front End: VB.NET
  • Back End: SQL Server

ER Diagram of ICE Factory Management System

ICE Factory Management System

Top Level DFD

ICE Factory Management System DFD

Modules of the Project

  • Stock: Company manufactures the ice blocks daily. Depending on the rate of production stock is updated.
  • Sales: Company deals with Manufacturing and selling of Ice Blocks to the Customers as well as retailers. Day wise Sales details are maintained. For Every 15 days Sales Reports are generated for the Customers.
  • Sales Bill: Depending on the Sales Reports, Bills are generated twice in a month for the customers.
  • Employee Payroll: Depending on the manufacturing and storage quantity of Ice Blocks the Commission is calculated for the employees. Monthly Commissions are added up to Basic Salary of the employee, Hence the Salary is calculated.
  • Expenses: Depending on the industrial expenses the records are maintained. Expenses could be paid through cash or account.
  • Reports: Monthly sales report, payroll report, expense report, income reports are generated.

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