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Classical Android Piano

Classical Android Piano

Here we developed a mini project with classical Black and White Piano in Android. Through this virtual classical piano you can play whenever and wherever you want. The keyboard looks like excellent real Piano. In the following link we have attached bak file with source code. Overall it is virtual Classical Android Piano App. The piano keyboard will display in the Mobile phone. This source code is beneficial for learners, which can help you easily to create a piano on Android.

This project works on Android Smart Phone. Smart devices becoming more popular and more trendy. There are some best piano keyboard on the Google Play store like Real Piano, Perfect Piano, Mini Piano, etc. Our Piano App project works same like this app. This Piano App completely developed using Android. This App has some logical things which explains all about Piano source code. This Source code is easily understandable and you can edit it as per your requirements.

Classical Android Piano is a very responsive and realistic sounding piano for Android. It has been thoroughly optimized, resulting in a very enjoyable playing experience while keeping the install size to a minimum. This is a top piano app for your Smart Phones.

Project Screenshot


  1. Beautiful UI.
  2. Good flexibility which can use in different devices and layout.
  3. Less complex, uses less ram and small size
  4. Mutil-Touch.
  5. Support piano sound.

Software Requirement:

  • Project Type: Android Project
  • Programming Language: JAVA
  • IDE: Android Studio

Download Classical Android Piano:

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Installation steps:

Download right now and learn to play the piano and Learn to develop mini project Source code. Download and extract the .zip file. To run the project, you will need to download Android Studio on your PC. First, download and then run Android Studio. Open the Source code folder using Android Studio.

Note: There is .bak file inside this folder which already executed in our system. If required directly you can download and Install it in Mobile phone. Then Play piano on your mobile device.

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