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About StudentProjects.Live

About StudentProjects.Live

We are StudentProjects.Live, introduce ourselves as a leading Technology driven group of people, and we work as a freelancers. We are offering academic projects in software and management Areas. We deal with all major courses project like MBA, MCA, Mtech, M.Phil, Phd, MSc It, B Tech BE, BCA, BSc IT, BBA, Diploma.

Readymade and Complete Academic Project in 4 Easy Steps – PAY, Download, Print and Submit. Technologies and stream covered – PHP, Android, Electronics, Core Java,J2EE , Servlet, JSP, JDBC, XML, Struts, MVC, Dot Net , C#, ASP.Net, VB.Net, ADO.Net, XML, Web Services, MVC Architecture, IEEE Java, IEEE Dotnet projects.

All Premium projects are well tested before uploading it onto our website. All the technical projects are available with Project Source Code and documentation (project report). Here you can view project related documents, abstracts, reports samples and its configurations.

We are offering students to submit their requirement on the site and get appropriate solution and help them to choose programming language as well as database.

Student can come to meet us and discuss personally regarding their projects and queries. We are providing help to students through email to get help from our support team for the queries.

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  1. plz tips in online examination projects

  2. Can I get likely researchable topics in Counselling or Psychology?

  3. how to import examination questions from doc. into the database (mysql) using PHP code?
    how to export examination questions from database (mysql) into either PDF or doc. using PHP code?

  4. can u provide me complete minor project on online banking system with a feedbak form facility so that if any customer forget his password he can get it automatically through filling the feedback form

  5. can u provide me complete minor project on online banking system.

  6. i am not able to send mail to your mail id. it is showing delivery failed,

    you have any other alternative mail id

  7. project in java “Fingerprint Analysis to determine the age &gender .. Please any help will be greatly appreciated …

  8. Aakash shrivastava
    August 14, 2012 at 6:43 PM

    Can U provide Android Project???

  9. looking for ocr software for scanning handwritten devnagri text ie ancient scriptures to convert them to digital form.

  10. Can u provide me the proj based on developing punjabi keyboard in .net

  11. i am bca student doing project on employee management system.i have class called employee with id,name age state city area which i get by querying employee table from mysql databases . now in my front end i nedd cascading dropdown of state,city area ie my first dropdown should display all states when i select any state my second dropdown should populate corresponding cities of this state and when i select city it should populate all areas in that city from databse

  12. hai this sem i start my project pls send some project title

  13. hello sir ,i want orphan foundation development system project documentation
    can u provide the documentation

  14. hello sir..i wish to do my final year project in your company..can u give me a project

  15. why is it deleted my comment here, i’m just asking only why is it the same script in in the st. philomina social network here? who is the true author of this?

  16. i’m just asking only a question?

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