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Post Office Management System

Post Office Management System is the web App for post office, which helps helps customers and employees. In this system all transactions done through online. Customer or Employees can login to their account, view balance, account statement and perform transaction, etc. This manages all features of SB, RD, TD, SSA account.

This Post Office Management System site helps customers to conduct simple transactions by sitting on a PC or laptop in their office or at home. By entering a login ID and password, customers can access their account and transaction information through online. At any time, the client can check the balance. Management of the post office can enter the payment details of electricity bills, telephone bills, money order, etc.

This project has following features:

  • All transactions are made online. Customer or Employees has login control, balance view, account statement, and transaction reports.
  • SB, RD, TD, SSA account transaction details can be added in the system. The system calculates interest rates and total amount automatically.
  • This site helps customers to conduct online transactions by sitting on a PC or laptop in their office or at home.
  • Customers can access their account and transaction information by entering their login ID and password online.
  • Post office staff can add payment information for payment of electricity bills, payment for telephone bills, money order, etc.
  • By entering tracking Id., customers can monitor shipped and pending status of register letter and speed post letter.
  • Customers can access the information of the insurance policy, the amount paid and the due date. They can also download the receipt of the most recent transaction.

Video Demonstration of Post Office Management System:

Programming Language:

  • Front End : PHP
  • Back End : MySQL Server

Types of Users:

  • Administrator: Admin is the main user of the website who controls complete website with full authority.
  • Employees: Employees are the branch managers, staff of the post office.
  • Customers: Customers can register online and they can create all types of accounts through online. Customers can make any types of major transactions through online.

Modules of Post Office Management System

  • Login module
  • Deposit module
  • Bill Payment module
  • Money order payment module
  • Track consignments module
  • Insurance module
  • Dashboard module

Download Source code

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Download Link Contains:

  • Complete Source code with sample database
  • Documentation with Synopsis, SRS, Database design, System design, ER diagram, Database schema diagram
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