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Internet Speed Test Meter

Internet Speed Test Meter

Internet Speed Test Meter will check Download speed, Upload speed, Ping and jitter details. We all know there a famous internet speed test website developed by Ookla and its established on 2006. This project also works similar like In this we have given download link of the source code.

Internet Speed Test Meter

We face slow Internet speed or slow bandwidth internet issue every time. It may be due to high traffic usage with internet provider or some other technical issues. Even internet provider also suggest us to use internet speed testing tool. This tool also works like internet speed testing tool.

In Android mobile phone it has inbuilt internet speed testing tool. It checks Upload and Download Speed. But in desktop PC that option is not available, so we need to use internet speed test website like or

This project will check following functions:

  • This project is unique and it will testing Internet connection bandwidth. This is the peer-to-peer testing tool.
  • This Internet Speed Test Meter is measuring your real-time network connection.
  • Download speed in Mbps
  • Upload speed in Mbps
  • Ping in ms
  • Jitter in ms
  • Testing time is the SHORTEST comparing to other speed test tools.
  • This system provides almost 90% accuracy.
  • This tests wifi internet, broadband internet, mobile internet, etc.

Video demostration of Internet Speed Test Meter

Download Internet Speed Test Meter:


  • This project won’t help you to increase the internet speed.
  • Download Link has editable source code, You can edit it as per your requirements.
  • This project not done by us. This project referred from github.
  • This tool is available around the web for integrating certain features.

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