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Mid Day Meals

Mid Day Meals

Education plays a vital role in one’s life. Yet, the primary schools are the first step towards formal schooling in India. The government of India started the Mid Day Meal scheme and implemented to provide nutritional food and free education to those poor children. The Mid Day Meals Scheme introduced by Government which provides nutritional food for school-age children nationwide. This scheme provides free lunch to all government schools. Even this encourages poor children, belonging to disadvantaged sections, to attend school more regularly and help them concentrate on classroom activities. Mid-Day Meal Scheme will avoid classroom hunger and increases school enrolment. Also it increases daily attendance, improves socialisation among caste, girl education and many more.

Mid Day Meals

Objectives of Mid Day Meals

The main objective of this project is to design and develop computerized system, which would be helpful to carry out the information storage. Improper monitoring of food consumption leads schools to run out of rations. The newly proposed system eliminates the manual problems and its consumption.

Online management of mid-day meal schemes system that consists of a BEO admin login, food department superior officer login, school headmaster login. The system is beneficial for school headmaster as well as students. All the stock details to be uploaded daily according to the stocks used and consumed at that day. It is very efficient system and provides high degree of maintenance and provides a better and easy record facility. The system is secured and gives only authorized access. It saves cost and time.

Scope of the project:

  • Computerization gives the high degree of maintenance and provides a better and record facility.
  • Mid Day Meals website application is give effective monitoring of daily and monthly mid-day meal data to be sent by the schools.
  • ‘Mid Day Meal Scheme’ (MDM) is very good initiative of Government of India Started under ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’ in which free meals is being served School-age Children nationwide.
  • This web application has to keep records of all daily Spend items, have to take care of stock and lot more.
  • This calculates 100 gram rice items to each student. Stock calculates automatically during Mid-Day meal entry.
  • The BEO admin can view reports of all schools and school headmasters can view and enter daily reports.
  • This web application should calculate, store and generate reports of Mid Day meal Daily Report, Cooked Menu Report, Stock Report, Used Stock Report, Chef Salary Report, etc.

Existing system:

In spite of the important function of daily stock record, it has come under severe threat that by the manual system of daily stock record keeping. This system involves taking down stocks data on piece of papers, which are then put in to the files and filed in cabinets. Another problem is the missing of pieces of information. The existing manual system has got many disadvantages. It is time consuming job. It is difficult to maintain records manually. So we go for computerization the system.

Disadvantages of Existing system:

  • It is time consuming and difficult to maintain records manually
  • Preparation for reports is not easy work. Maintaining information and retrieving information according to our needs is limited.
  • Computerization is economical both of economy and manpower. Manually maintenance of data is tedious and sometimes information may be lost or overloaded by human.
  • It is tedious to manage historical data which needs much space to keep all the previous year’s ledgers, book, etc. Generating report is not a easy task in existing system.

Project category:
RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) with Web Application

Software requirements:

  • IDE: Notepad++
  • XAMPP software
  • Apache Server
  • PHP 7.0
  • MySQL database Server 7.0

Modules of Mid Day Meals

  • Student account module: This module stores student profile details with school name, student name, roll number, image, etc.
  • School module: This module stores list of schools with school name, address, contact number, image, etc.
  • BEO admin module: This module is for main administrator to monitor all school activities.Administrator can view all college stock report, attendance report and others.
  • Food category module: This module stores food category details.
  • Food item module: This module stores food item records.
  • Student attendance module: This module stores student attendance entry record. Every day student attendance will be submitted. Every month the report will be generated.
  • Cooked Menu module: This stores daily cooked menu details with used quantity.
  • Stock module: This module stores stock report of each and every food item.
  • Chef Payroll module: Meals are cooked on-site by local cooks and helpers. This module stores payment report of chef.
  • Settings module: This module stores state, city and other settings detail.
  • Report module: This module generates various kinds of report. The reports are:
    • Mid Day meal Daily Report
    • Cooked Menu Report
    • Stock Report
    • Used Stock Report
    • Chef Salary Report

Video Demonstration

Download Source Code of Mid Day Meals:

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