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Coconut Processing Inventory System

Coconut Processing Inventory System

This Coconut Processing Inventory System project is is for coconut business processing companies. The company buys coconut from their customers and they produce coconut powder, coconut oil, Coconut chip, copper, etc. This website which stores complete inventory details of product and stock details as well as purchase and sales report of the company. It is designed to replace an existing manual record system for reducing time taken for calculations and for storing data. The system uses PHP as front end and MySQL server as a back-end.

Coconut processing Inventory system project is for coconut product manufacturing company to handle their inventory records, customer details, Seller details, sales and purchase details, account details, product details and employee details. The project helps to store inventory record of coconuts and the production details of oils, Powder, Chips, Cream from coconut. The project mainly deals with the purchase and sales management of the company.

Coconut Processing Inventory System – View products screenshot

Programming Language

  • Server: Apache server
  • Scripting language: HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX
  • Programming: PHP
  • Database server:MySQL server

Modules of the Coconut Processing Inventory System

  • Login module: Employees must login to the website to access account module. In login module user can login to the website by entering login id and password.
  • Account module: This is the main module of the website. Here employees can view brief details of purchase record, sales record, customer record, etc. This page links to all sub modules of this site.
  • Coconut type and product types module: This module is displayed only to the admin who is logged in and he will be the super  user having rights. This module is used to define the coconut type and different product types can be viewed or deleted. Also here user can define the Price for the product with all details and different prices along with their Specifications.
  • Seller module: This module used to store and maintain the details of sellers.
  • Customer module: This module used to store and maintain the details of Customers.
  • Purchase module: This module stores coconut records purchased from seller. Purchase Information is stored and stock will be updated by  this module after entering purchase date, quality, coconut type etc.
  • Production module: This module stores overall Production of the company. The company produce different items from Purchased coconut and also it contains information about products and its quantity and other details of the production.
  • Stock module: This module is displayed to both admin and employees who logged in. It shows the current Stock details of coconut and products. Stock Information is maintained and used for checking the availability of the products on customer order.
  • Sales module: This module deals with activities of accepting the order from the customers along with customers details and it stores order data for functioning of fulfilling Customer order. It handles activities of selling and delivering products to Customers and also maintains Sales records. After the delivery this module creates the invoice.
  • Expense module: This module is to add and view expense records. The employees can add their daily expense records in this module
  • Employee module: This module is for administrator were administrator can add company employee records by entering their personal details loginID and password will be created for the employee by using this module.
  • Salary module: This module is for administrator to generate monthly salary of the employees. This store Month of salary, days worked, basic salary, deduction, bonus, etc.
  • Report module: The details of available stock, sales volume and daily sales reports will be stored in the Report generation module. It is very useful for employees to tracks sellers and their customers payment related queries. The user can use the selection of date range criteria in the Billing summary report. User  can get the complete stock details like report of stock, sales, pending stock, purchase details, etc. User can use any printer to print the reports.

User Types:

  • Administrator:  The administrator of the company is allowed to access all the services in the system.
  • Employee: The employee is allowed to access the services given by the administrator like purchasing, ordering, billing etc.

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