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Vehicle Information System

A vehicle information system is a software solution that stores and manages information about vehicles. It helps to track vehicle maintenance records, fuel consumption, and other related data. The system can also be used to track vehicle owners, licenses, and registration. It is commonly used by fleet operators, rental companies, and auto dealerships to manage their vehicle fleets. This is developed using and SQL Server.

Here are some of the things you can do using Vehicle Information System:

  • Insert new records of motor insurance.
  • Update existing motor insurance records.
  • Delete existing motor insurance records.
  • Insert new records of non motor insurance.
  • Update existing motor insurance records
  • Delete existing motor insurance records.
  • Generate data report from entire records.
  • Generate filtered report.

Vehicle Information System Interface:

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (Go to this link and search the project in the search option)

Log in – User log in form for user to log in before accessing QCIS. User need to select the user from the list box and key in correct password to log in.

Vehicle Information System

Main Form – Everything starts Main Form. It contains menu, mdi form, etc.

Add New Record (Non Motor), to Add new record for Non Motor Insurance.

Edit Record (Motor), to edit record for Motor Insurance.

Search Record (Motor), to search existing record for Motor Insurance.

Delete User, to delete a user’s account from Vehicle Information System

Detailed Report, to generate a detailed Motor report for Vehicle Information System

Generate a filtered Motor report for Vehicle Information System

Click Log Out. After that you will see interface as shown below:

Click Yes Button to Complete log out. Click No Button to canncel log out.

A vehicle information system is a software application or set of integrated applications that helps organizations to manage data about their vehicles. It typically includes features for storing and organizing vehicle information, tracking vehicle maintenance and repair, managing fuel and expenses, and handling other tasks related to vehicle management.

Here are some examples of the types of data and functionality that might be included in a vehicle information system:

  • Vehicle information: The system would store basic information about each vehicle, such as the make, model, year, license plate number, and VIN. It might also include information about the vehicle’s ownership, location, and use.
  • Maintenance and repair: The system would include tools for tracking vehicle maintenance and repair, including the ability to schedule service appointments, create work orders, and track parts and labor costs.
  • Fuel and expenses: The system might include features for tracking fuel usage and costs, as well as other expenses related to vehicle operation, such as insurance, registration, and tolls.
  • Vehicle tracking: The system might include GPS tracking or other location tracking features to help organizations monitor the movement and usage of their vehicles.
  • Reporting and analytics: The system would likely include tools for generating reports and analyzing data about vehicle performance, maintenance, and expenses.

The specific features and functionality of a vehicle information system will depend on the needs of the organization using it. Some systems may be more basic, while others may have more advanced features such as integration with other systems, support for fleet management, or real-time monitoring of vehicle performance.

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