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Inventory Management Application

Inventory Management Application

Inventory Management Application is the software system which we got one of the popular website source code. This is under beta version and its developed using Visual Basic 2005. It has simple code and its created for study purpose. Front end is VB.NET 2005 and back end is Microsoft Access 2003 is used to develop this project. I hope everyone likes this project. This project is very helpful for beginners.

An inventory software is a computer program that helps businesses track and manage their stock of products. It allows you to record the details of your products, including their quantity, location, and price. You can use it to track when products come into your inventory and when they go out, so you always know what you have on hand. An inventory software can also help you manage your supply chain, by letting you know when you need to order more products and from whom. Some inventory software also includes features for forecasting demand, setting reorder points, and generating reports.

About Inventory Management Application

This is a simple and very neatly designed software project which stores sales and purchase information. In the sales information it displays product name, product quantity, date ordered, shipping method, date arrived, etc. At the end Grand total calculates automatically. In the purchase inventory it stores sales id, company details, purchase details, etc.
Inventory Management Application

Database name: dbInventoryManagement
Database default Password: db123

Project details: This project has 14 forms and its GUI based windows application. All the record directly stores in the Access database.

Database Information: There are 10 tables in this database. Categories table stores different categories of product, CompanyInformation stores company details, Employees table stores all the employee details, OrderPurchases stores order records, Products table stores details of product, PurchaseOrders stores purchase details, ShippingMethods stores shipping records, Suppliers table stores the details of suppliers and user table stores users of this software. This database has following tables:

You will learn following things in this project:
Method to connect an RDBMS database(Microsoft Access) in an application
Inserting data to database
View and Deleting data from database
View and updating records to the database.
Displaying records in the datagridview.

Note: This project not works in LAN connected network PC. It will work in Network if with some modification. I hope this information is helpful as you start planning your final year project on an inventory software! Let me know if you have any questions.

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