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Student Projects for IT Students

Student Projects for IT Students

Hello, We are experts in web development, app development, graphics designing, WordPress, software development, game development. We provide Live Student Projects guidance for IT Students. We can complete your project as per your requirement.

We all know that Indian colleges not producing 100% expert developers, They just give basic knowledge technical education. This knowledge is not sufficient to work in any small scale or large scale companies. In StudentProjects.Live we provide high level dedicated programming training which helps students to be a Software developer or web developer or Android developer. We give them real time student project.

We also shared many projects in our website which will helpful for students to develop their academic projects. Just refer this website only for knowledge purpose.

Student Projects for IT Students

Student Projects for IT Students:

  1. School Management
  2. Online Exam Management
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Project Management
  5. E commerce Management
  6. Point Of Sale (POS) Management
  7. Customer Support Management
  8. Learning Management System (LMS)
  9. Online Banking System
  10. Email Marketing System
  11. Digital Marketplace Management
  12. Hotel Booking Platform
  13. Food-Restaurant Management System
  14. Billing & Invoicing System
  15. Lead Management System
  16. Courier Management System
  17. Online Video Portal
  18. Pharmacy Management System
  19. Inventory Management System
  20. Visitor Pass Management System
  21. Anonymous Feedback Portal
  22. Event Management System
  23. Loan Management System
  24. Online Lawyer Booking Portal
  25. Repair Shop Management Portal
  26. FB Auto-reply & Bulk Messaging System
  27. Online Directory Portal
  28. Volunteer Management System
  29. SEO Tools Management System
  30. Bulk Messaging
  31. Online Website Building Portal
  32. Online Payment Gateway
  33. Hospital Management System
  34. Search Engine Platform
  35. Gym Management System
  36. Online Job Portal
  37. Laundry Management & Booking System
  38. Bus/Taxi Booking System
  39. Ecommerce (Multivendor/ Single Vendor)
  40. Business Portal
  41. My Portfolio
  42. Online Course (LMS)
  43. Hotel Booking
  44. Bus/Taxi Booking or Car Rental

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