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Online Hospital Management System

Online Hospital Management System

Online Hospital Management System web application helps deliver superior healthcare service for hospitals. This project deal with day to day operations and management of the hospital activities. The program can look after patients records, appointments, treatments, doctors, billings in the prescription and labs. This project developed using PHP and MySQL. The best part of this software is that it has reduced the use of paper, keeping all important information in one place to access. The software has helped in saving time as prescriptions, bills and other calculations are maintained digitally. This helps Hospitals to concentrate on their core activities.

Video Demo of Online Hospital Management System

Brief Details about Project

  • Online appointment system for patients
  • In patient and Out patient report
  • Manage doctor account
  • Manage patient account
  • Create, manage appointment with patient
  • Create prescription for patient
  • Treatment report
  • Transaction reports of patient payment
  • Order medicines through online

  • Project title is Online Hospital Management System.
  • onlinehospitalmanagementsystem is the database name. This has 18 tables i.e; admin, appointment, billing, billing_records, department, doctor, doctor_timings, medicine, orders, patient, payment, prescription, prescription_records, room, service_type, treatment, treatment_records, user.
  • Page name dbconnection.php has database configuration details.

Modules of Online Hospital Management System

1) Registration module
2) Login module
3) Online appointment module
4) Doctor account
5) Patient account
6) Treatment module
7) Prescription module
8) Payment module
9) Room allotment module
10) Many more

If patient wants to take appointment through online he needs to register to the system by entering his profile details. After the registration patient needs to login to the system. After the login patient can view his account details. Even patient can take appointment through online. By default the status shows pending. Administrator should approve the appointment taken by patient. Profile can be modified. Password can be changed. Patient can view prescription details which is provided by doctor. Even the patient can view treatment details. These modules are there in patient module. Now I will show doctor module. This is the doctor account page. In the settings doctors profile and password can be updated. Doctor can view all appointment records. and doctor can approve appointment which is taken by patient.

After approval doctor can add treatment and prescription details. Treatment detail which has added comes under patient report. Doctor can add Prescription details after treatment. Both treatment and prescription details will be calculated automatically while adding under doctors treatment record. At the end bill amount will be displayed with total amount. Tax will calculated automatically. Doctor can view all patient record. Doctor can set their available timings. Doctor can view their income report. These are the features available for doctor. Now We will explain about administrator module. This is admin account page. Administrator can access all the features what doctor has. But only settings feature is there only for administrator. Only the Admin can add department records, Treatment records and prescription records.

Download Online Hospital Management System

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  1. please can i have database connection and documentation of this project. also the user name and password

  2. is it app or website?

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