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Online Dental Clinic Management System

Online Dental Clinic Management System

This Online Dental Clinic Management System promotes easy data entry and usage. It includes patient’s personal information, medical and dental history, treatment plan, patient education, case reports and statistics. This makes your dental practice more convenient, efficient and precise, thus promoting a paperless office. Dental Clinic Management is a process for implementing all patient’s detail activities of a clinic in a computerized automated way to control the activity stages systematically. Our project aims at creating an application which will automate the process in Dental Software. Using this it is possible to keep a track of a database for clinic like information about the patient like appointment schedule, personal records, previous medical records, treatment records, prescriptions, case reports and images. The dental software is used for collecting, managing, saving, and retrieving medical information for the patients, and for creating reports for the patients. Patient records are used by the dentists in order to organize the records of the patients in their practice.

Online Dental Clinic Project explained:

Programming Language:

  • Front End: HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Backend: PHP
  • Database: MySQL

Product Features

The data represented in Online Dental Clinic Management System will perform the following major function:

  • Appointment details
  • Patient details: It includes the personal details of the patients and other medical problems of the patient.
  • Dental problems
  • Treatment
  • Medical problem
  • Online Appointments
  • Case Report
  • Billing details: It will help to calculate the bill much faster and simpler. This helps the dental clinic organization to keep the information in efficient way.

Project modules of Online Dental Clinic Management System:

  • Login module: This module gives the option to login for the receptionist and the admin to use other module. Here receptionist and admin passing his/her username and password.
    • Admin: She/he will be having all the control of clinic and password for the receptionist will be  given by admin itself and admin can view all the records of the clinic.
    • Doctor: She/he will be treating the patients and will be entering the treatment details.
    • Receptionist: She/he will give the appointment to the patients for the treatment.
  • Appointment Management: It gives the option for the receptionist and admin to schedule the appointment for the patients with particular doctor with respect to the treatment.
  • New patient Info Management: It gives the option to include all the details of the new patient.
    • Personal Info Management: It includes the personal details of the patient such as name, address, age, contact number; E-mail id, Blood group etc…of the patient who comes to the clinic for first time.
    • Medical: It gives the option to include the previous treatment details of a patient who is having different diseases and the medical reports regarding the patient’s diseases who visited the different specialist.
    • Dental: It gives the option to provide identification of how many teeth of a particular patient is having problem when the patient comes to the clinic for treatment.
  • Treatment: It gives the option to include the treatment detail i.e. if a patient has a problem with more than one tooth then the treatment will be given for only one tooth at a time and appointment for the treatment of remaining teeth which is having problem will be given.
  • Payment: It gives the option for the admin to include the payment details of the creditor who provides materials and medicines for the treatment to the clinic.
  • Search: It gives the option to search the records such as personal details, medical problems, treatment details etc. of the patients who visited earlier to the dental clinic.

Types of Users:

This software will be used in dental clinic by three kinds of user.

  • Administrator: Administrator is the one who adds or administers the function of dental clinic.
  • Receptionist: Receptionist is the one who takes appointment for the patient and helps the patient to know about clinical information.
  • Patient: Patient is the one who can take online appointments and can also view the status of his/her treatment.

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