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ePost Office Management System

ePost Office Management System

As the name suggests, the ePost Office Management System is an application that will allow reducing the manual work that is done at the post office. This application will provide an automated system in managing the post office related works. This application will manage all the transactions that take place at the post office. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on and implement in real time world. Most of the clerical work is reduced since it is done through this automated application. The transaction details can be directly viewed by the customers through this application with great ease.

The current postal service and management system is not advanced and there is no computerised maintenance for transaction details. This proposed system is extremely efficient, reliable and safe. This web application simplifies postal office management and operational procedures. Mainly in the new system it has provisions to register for customers and they can do all transactions of post office without visiting post office.

The ePost Office Management System is a web application written in PHP and My SQL database. The implementation of this system in the postal department improves the work process and allows for more effective work management. It simplifies the handling of post office transaction detail, money order (MO), billings, customer account and many other things.

ePost Office Management System’s complete source code, project report (Black book) are available for download at the link below. The project has been explained in detail with modules in video tutorial.

Video Demo

Future Scope of the the project

In the future, the proposed Post Office Management System can be updated and modified to meet the needs of the users. The system is currently very basic and it has very few features. A future enhancement could include, UPI system, Payment portal, Online sales and service, etc..

Download Link for ePost Office Management System

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