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Hospital Management System Database Project

Hospital Management System Database Project

No one in this world is perfectly alright in case of health. Each and everyone is suffering from some or the other sickness. To solve the health problems of the human beings, hospitals play a major role. You can do any work only if you have a good health. To make the work of the staffs at the hospitals easier, this hospital management system can play a major role. Hospital Management System Database Project is the system which is developed to minimize the pen paper work at the hospitals. It is the system that is used in the hospitals to maintain the records of the patients, doctors, nurses and other hospital staffs.

The people select the best among the hospitals by considering the management and the system followed in the hospitals. So to make the hospital as one of the best compared to others, there should be good medical assistance provided, disciplined management and should offer the best services. The hospital management system database project will help to reduce the pen paper work in the hospitals if not completely. There will be many patients admitted in the hospitals. So to keep track about the information like patient’s personal details, treatment that is going on etc this system will be of great help. There will be doctors who treat these patients. One doctor can treat many patients. So the doctor and the patient are related in the database. This database can also contain the information regarding the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other hospital staffs. The user will be able to get the information about the patients, doctors, nurses and other hospital staffs just in one click. But only the authorized user will be allowed to login with the unique username and password. If the information is stored through the means of pen and paper there is no guarantee that you’re personal information will be secured. But through the usage of the hospital management system database, the security will be provided to your personal details.

This project is developed in Visual Basic 6.0 and the record stores in Microsoft Access driver(MDB). Visit this link to download other language projects of Hospital software.

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  1. Ravindra Rajesh Bula
    August 6, 2019 at 11:08 AM

    Hello sir/mam,
    What is the username and password in this project to run this program

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