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Bank Employee Payroll Management System

Bank Employee Payroll Management System

The main purpose of Bank Employee Payroll Management System is to reduce the manual operation required to maintain all the records of Bank Employees. And also generates the various reports for analysis. The purpose of Employee Payroll System is to perform monthly salary generation, Attendance, leave sanctions of the employees and to perform search regarding various categories within less time. It reduces the human effort by making everything computerized.

The main reason for choosing this topic is to reduce the time and complexity of maintaining the records and also to easily perform the task of book keeping. It also helps in accurate maintenance of employee details and calculating their salary.

In existing system It takes more time for administrator to maintain all the records of the employees manually. Since salary calculation is done manually, lot of mistakes may occur.

Software Requirements

  • Front End: VB.NET
  • Back End: Microsoft SQL Server

Modules of Bank Employee Payroll Management System

  • Staff module:  This module manages the staff information of the bank .Each staff is provided  with the user name and password to access the application.
  • Salary module: This module manages the salary information of the staff .Monthly salaries are generated for the staffs. Salary is based on the attendance and leaves of the staff.
  • Leaves: This module manages the staff leave details. Which also includes the type of leaves taken by the staff.
  • Attendance: This module manages staff attendance details. Which also stores the information regarding login and logout.
  • Reports: Admin can generate salary slip of individual staff as well as monthly salary report of all the staffs can be generated.
  • Settings: In this module admin provides login details for staff. Admin can also change the password. Admin views the login details of staff and also generates details of government holidays.

Definitions, Acronyms And Abbreviations

  • EP-Employee Payroll
  • CL-Casual Leave
  • SL-Special Leave
  • EL-Earned Leave
  • WO-Weekly Off     
  • SKL-Sick Leave
  • DA-Daily Allowance
  • SA-Special Allowance
  • HRA-House Rental Allowance
  • CA-Convenience Allowance
  • EA-Extra Allowance
  • PF-Provident Fund
  • ESI-Employee State Insurance

User characteristics

The Employee Payroll System software is used by 2 types of user’s i.e. Admin and Staff. Admin has full Access to the software whereas Staff has limited Access. Software starts with a login form where Admin can login by entering the username and corresponding password. If the user name and password matches then ADMIN is directed to the Admin Master page and Employees will be directed to User Master Page.

Download Bank Employee Payroll Management System

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