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Airline Reservation System in VB.NET

Airline Reservation System in VB.NET

Airline Reservation System in VB.NET – The Airline Reservation System is a project which basically includes issuing tickets to passengers who want to fly to a particular destination in a particular day and time. The various activities that the Airline Reservation encounter are checking the plane that flies to a particular place from a starting point, checking the availability of seats in that particular flight and to issue the tickets if the seats are available. This project features general enquiry about Flight Information, Passenger Information, Payment details, Booking/Reservation, Cancellation of existing Flight Reservation, Ticket refund while cancellation.

Airline Reservation System performs daily transactions of the Airline. This project reduces the man power and thus directly leads to benefit of the company. The project is used for maintaining the Airline Information, Flight Information, Passengers Information, Reservation, Cancellation, Air Ticket Payments, Employee Information, Payroll and Reports. An Airline Reservation System is a system which includes Airline Information, Flight Information,  Passenger Information, Booking/Reservation, Cancellation of existing Flight Reservation etc.

Context Flow Diagram

Airline Reservation System in VB.NET

Top Level DFD

Purpose of the project

  • To generate the quick reports
  • To make accuracy and efficient calculations
  • To provide proper information briefly
  • To provide data security
  • To provide huge maintenance of records
  • Flexibility of transactions can be completed in time

Database Tables

  • Source
  • Destination
  • Airlines
  • Flights
  • Flight
  • Destination
  • Flight Fare
  • Passenger
  • Booking
  • Seats
  • Payments
  • Employee
  • Salary
  • Cancellation
  • Reservation

Languages to be used:

  • Front End: Visual (VB.NET)
  • Back End: SQL (Structured  Query  Language)

Modules of Airline Reservation System

The project Airline reservation system is used for maintaining the Airlines informationā€™s, Flight information, Passenger information, Booking/Reservations, Cancellation.

  • Airline information: This module includes the information of different Airline services.
  • Flight Information: The function allows the user to search for flights that are available between the two travel cities, namely the “Departure city” and “Arrival city”. When the user chooses the information about the flight, flight details are shown as: Flight Number, Flight Fare and the total number of available seats in the flight.
  • Passenger Info: This module consists of the details of passengers booking for a flight. The personal details it consists are like Name, Age, Sex, Address, Email id and Contact Phone number as well as uploading the identity and passport information.
  • Booking/Reservation: This module consists of the entries made at the reception by the operator for the advanced ticket booking of a passenger. It contains Passenger No., Class, Fare, Ticket, Date of Journey, and Date of Booking; seat no, Discount, and Total Fare.
  • Cancellation of existing Flight Reservation: The system also allows the user to cancel an existing reservation. This function registers the information regarding a passenger who has requested for a cancellation of his/her ticket. It includes entries pertaining to the Flight No., Ticket No, Name, Source, Destination, Date of Journey, Fare deducted.
  • Reports: Booking reports and cancellation reports are generated

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