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College Database Project

College Database Project

Colleges are different from the schools. There will not be various departments in schools as compared to the colleges. But in the colleges there will be various departments and each department will be having the head and the instructors. There will be many instructors who will be working for different departments. An instructor can be the head of the department. But he can be the head of only one department. Each department can offer any number of courses. Each course can be taken by any number of instructors. Any number of students can register for the same course. All these information can be stored in the college database project.

College Database Project

Collecting a huge amount of information through the pen and paper work is a tedious job. If there are many students enrolling for the same course, then maintenance of information of the students will be very difficult. Even the information of the number of instructors taking up the course of that department can be stored in the database. The personal information of the students and the instructors of the department can be even stored in the database. The information of any student or instructors of the particular department can be obtained within just one mouse click. The normal method of storing the personal information in the college through files is time consuming. Using this college database project, it will help to solve this problem. People are so lazy to do the work that is time-consuming. This project will ensure safety of your personal details since there will be access to it only by the authorized users. This project will help the educational institutes present all over the world and thus help in obtaining the information of the students or the instructors without much effort. Thus this project will help the college to reduce the burden of collecting the information in huge heap of files.

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