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Manpower Management System

The Manpower Management System is the software application which provides information support for decision making in the organization. This project is an integrated system of man and machine for providing the information to support the operations, the management and the decision making function in the organization.

Manpower Management System

Project Title: Manpower Management System

Features of the system:

  • It is able to access accurate and up-to-date information.
  • This system based on the database of the organization evolved for the purpose of providing information to the employees in the organization.
  • This system enables continuous monitoring of the crew resource plan, and adjust to stay in line with reality
  • It increases the stability and efficiency.
  • Finding ground level employee performance by the topmast manager.
  • Maintenance of profile details of the employees, and retrievals as and when required.
  • Overall & detailed view of the organization hierarchy, which is very much essential in making effective decisions.
  • Judging the potentiality of the employees.
  • Maintenance of the data when the organization has many branches spread over wide geographical area.
  • Accessing one branch information from another branch.
  • Future planning issues based on the current HR information.
  • Employees success planning.
  • Vacancy situations and their priority /effect on the organizations performance.
  • Employee motivational & conflict resolving issues.

Software used to develop this project:

Front End: VB.NET

Back End: Oracle/SQL server 2000

  • WINDOWS NT 4 | 2000 | 9.X | ME
  • Visual Studio .Net 2002 Enterprise Edition
  • Internet Information Server 5.0
  • Visual Studio .Net Framework (Minimal for Deployment)
  • SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition

Hardware requirements:

  • Pentium III 900 MHz or above as server with
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 300MB free hard disc space
  • Intranet networking environment with all the required facilities.

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