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Android based Reminder Application

This Android based Reminder Application is just like online personal assistant software. Humans are prone to face the problems of forgetting things. In this world of distraction and busy schedules we forget the important things that need to be done.  We often forget the things that need to be done and someone needs to remind it now and then irrespective of the age.

It does not matter if we forget the things that are not so important. But the problem arises when we forget to do some important tasks like calling a friend, paying bills, sending message to the loved ones, sending emails to the business partners, clients, making an appointment and so on.  So we need someone to remind of the important works or tasks that have to be done on the specific day. We cannot ask others to remind our work since they will be having their own tasks or work. You can make the best use of the smart phone since it is considered as the best companion to each and every person in this world. So why not make the best use of it?  The smart phone can be used to remind you about the task that you need to complete for the day. There are many examples of well designed reminder apps available in the Google Play Store for Android.  Each and every reminder app is special in its own way. Just install it and make the best use of it!

Android based Reminder Application

This project is one of the simple projects to start with for the beginners. You need not have the database programming knowledge to create this project. Simple android API knowledge is sufficient. You can create this Reminder Application project to set the tasks that need to be completed on the specific day. You can check the Reminder apps available and list the pros and cons. You can make your Reminder application Android Project perfect or better than the available by overcoming the pros and cons of available reminder apps.

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  1. helo my project is video streaming server on multimeida database and media player

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