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Electronic Document Management System

Electronic Document Management System is providing services in the areas of providing information to the different areas such as Development, Business, Management, Technology etc.

Electronic Document Management System is divided into two major halves.

  • Content Creation/Hosting
  • Content View

Project Title: Electronic Document Management System

Category:  Web Data Management (Content Management)

Objective: To develop a web based application which can be used to manage the contents hosted on a web site.

This application provides most of the features required to manage the projects developed in a software development firm.

This volume presents the manner in which the software was developed and how the various problems are tackled at the different levels to convince the user.

We hope that this package would prove to be an excellent environment for Content Management and simpler for end user.

Content Creation/Hosting:

This is administration section of the site where the content is created by a group of professionals possessing different specialization. This section is divided in four stages.

  • Authoring
  • Editing
  • Approving
  • Deploying

After going through these four phases of content management the content is available to the users. Each content is placed in one of the three different categories.

Content View:

The content to be view is divided into three halves.

  • Developer Content
  • Manager Content
  • Protected Content

The Protected content is login protected where as the other two are open to all.

 Intended Audience:  Content Managers

Technology:  ASP.Net (C# Code Behind)

Sofware Requirements: Visual Studio.Net, SQL Server 2000, IIS Server

Hardware Requirements: PIII 900Mz +, 128 MB RAM, 10 GB HDD

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