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School Management System

School Management System

The School Management System is to produce software which manages the basic reports of the students such as the personal details, attendance details, marks details, fees details done for a particular year. The users will consume less time in calculation and the basic details can be viewed and entered within a fraction of seconds whereas manual system will make the user to write it down which is a long procedure and it also consumes a lot of time.

Programming language:

  • Front end: Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET)
  • Back End:  Microsoft SQL Server

Modules of School Management System

  • SPLASH FORM: This is a first form that displays the welcome screen of theapplication
  • LOGIN FORM: This form shows the Login user type, Login name and Password when user enters a valid user name and Password then he/she can operate the application.
  • MAIN FORM: Form is a menu-based form that displays the menus of application of a project
  • ADMISION: This module has clear information about the student which helps to admit the student and previously studied information.
  • STUDENTS: This form provides the option to add, modify, delete or find the information of a student who seeks the admission in the school.
  • MARKS: This form displays the options for the user to add, delete and modify the details of student related to the marks from the database.
  • ATTENDANCE: Here the User can enter the Attendance details for Each Students and select the student who doesn’t have minimum Attendance level.
  • FEES: As the Students pays the Fees and comes to the billing counter, the user is supposed to enter the Register number of the student and the amount he paid.
  • STAFF: This provides all the information’s about the Teaching Staffs and Non-Teaching staffs. Information’s about Salaries and Leave reports are also included.
  • REPORT FORM: With the help of this option from menu user of the system can see or take the print out of various reports provided by the system.
  • TO REGISTER FORM: This module has the information about the reports which are sending by the school. It contains the to number and description of the report.
  • CATEGORY OF STUDENTS: It consists of Religious details of the students.
  • PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED STUDENTS: It contains details of list of student who are physically challenged.
    • By Mail: here we can send the student and school event to the Parents by E-mail.          
    • By Contact number: here we can send the student and school Event by using parents contact number.   

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