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School Student Management System

School Student Management System

The project School Student Management System is a stand-alone system. This System is designed for storing the information of the student. This system gives the academic information of the student such as their performance in the exam and so on and attendance position of the student. If any staff or head of the school want get any information of a particular student they can search for a particular student using their register number or by their name.

Objectives of the system:

  • The objective of the “School Student Management System” is to produce software which manages the basic reports of the students such as the personal details, attendance details, marks details, fees details done for a particular year. The users will consume less time in calculation and the basic details can be viewed and entered within a fraction of seconds whereas manual system will make the user to write it down which is a long procedure and it also consumes a lot of time.
  • This project reduces paper work and the user can spend more time on monitoring the details of the students which will be accurate. The project will be user friendly and easy to use.
  • To make software fast in processing, with good user interface so that user can change it and it should be used for a long time without error and maintenance.

Modules of School Student Management System:

The major features of the SMS are organized according to its main components. The features of the SMS are as follows:

  • Application: This module has clear information about the student which helps to admit the student and previously studied information. And that detail is used for further use.
  • Admission: This module has clear information about the student .And that detail is used for further use.
  • Class: This module is used to assign register number for the students.
  • Fees: In this we can add fees details of a student. And also it generates the receipt of fees payment.
  • Attendance: This module displays the options for the user to add attendance details on monthly basis.
  • Exam: This form displays the options for the user to add, delete and modify the details of student related to the marks from the database.
  • Staff: This provides all the information’s about the Teaching Staffs and Non-Teaching staffs.
  • Certificate: It consists of Study Certificate details and Transfer Certificate details of a student.
  • Student info: This form displays the basic information of the students.
  • Configuration: It consists of change password option that helps to change the password by giving old password and confirm that password. And also it consists of log out option to exit from the application.

Software Used:

  • Programming language:  Visual Studio.Net
  • Database: SQL Server

User Characteristics

In this system there are three type of user there are

  • Administrator: He is the person who administrates this system. He enters the information of the student and other related information of the student into the system. He looks after the system and updates the system if needed. He has the complete authority for the security of the system.
  • Teaching Staff: Here user is the teaching staff. Each staff has a user name and password which is given by the administrator. They are authorized only for assigning register number, make exam and marks entries and view the student information.
  • Non-Teaching Staff: Here user is the non teaching staff. Each has a user name and password which is given by the administrator. They are authorized for entry of application, admission, fees payment, certificates, and student info.

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Student Management System

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