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Stores Management System system design

A stores management system system design is the process of creating a database and software solution to help businesses manage their inventory and store operations. The system typically includes features such as tracking stock levels, ordering new stock, producing reports, tracking customer orders, and managing the pricing of products. It is important to properly design the system to ensure that it is secure and scalable, and can be read by both humans and computers. The system should also be properly indexed to ensure fast query times.

The proposed system is ‘Stores Management System ’. This system is GUI based system and is user friendly. Stores Management System  is accessible through the internet. Stores are required for the following purposes.

  1. Capital works
  2. Operation and Maintenances Works
  3. Other Commercial activities like hiring equipment etc..,

Stores Management System system design

The ‘Stores Management System  package’ is targeted to automate the almost all of the processes mentioned above to reduce the clerical labour of the staff working in Stores both technical and as well as Accounts departments using the software industry’s latest technologies and cost effective tools there by providing the better control to the management by avoiding manual errors etc..,

This application discusses the initial screens like login, logout and main menu of the application. The application can be accessed by typing the URL in the address bar of the web browser like Internet Explorer. The URL is of the format http://localhost:8080/contextname on which it will invoke login screen.

The stores operations as per the stores manual have been described as two different processors owing to the complexity and tediousness of the operations by effective division of labour as physical receipts and issue has been the responsibility of Accounts section.

To solve the problem using computer systems for which the complexity and tediousness is not an issue, the pricing is calculated at the time of receiving the materials itself and stock price will be fixed then and there and fetching that price while issuing the material.

The software package is described in detailed below. The package provides three basic functionalities

  1. Material Receipts Module
  2. Material Issues Module
  3. Different Reports serving the Quantity ledgers, Priced ledgers and material indexing and ledger folio indexing etc.

In this project Issues module and Reports module have been handled.

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