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Screenshot of Employee and Payroll System

Screenshot of Employee and Payroll System – An employee and payroll system is a software solution that enables businesses to manage the administrative aspect of their human resources department. It helps to streamline the process of employee onboarding, payroll management, attendance tracking, and performance reviews. With this system, businesses can generate detailed reports on employee attendance, salary, bonus, and other important data. It also allows employers to track employee vacation and sick leave, and manage employee benefits.

The specific features and functionality of an employee and payroll system will depend on the needs of the organization using it. Some systems may be more basic, while others may have more advanced features such as support for multiple pay rates, flexible benefit plans, and integration with other HR and finance systems.

However, here is a general overview of what you might expect to see in an employee and payroll system:

  • Employee information: The system would likely include a database to store and organize information about each employee, such as their contact details, job title, department, and salary information.
  • Payroll processing: The system would include features to calculate and process employee paychecks, including the ability to track hours worked, calculate deductions (e.g., taxes, benefits), and generate pay stubs.
  • Time and attendance tracking: The system might include tools to track employee attendance, such as a time clock or mobile app for employees to clock in and out.
  • Benefits and leave management: The system might include features to manage employee benefits, such as tracking vacation and sick time, and processing benefit enrollment and changes.
  • Tax and compliance: The system would need to be able to generate the necessary tax forms and reports (e.g., W-2 forms) and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Here is the screenshot of Employee and Payroll System. This project is developed in Visual basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access driver.

After the welcome form then system opens the login form. Here user has to enter valid user id and password. There are shown as below:-

Screenshot of Employee and Payroll System

Screenshot of Employee and Payroll System

Data Report

In this data report it displays all data which is store in the MS Access  table following figure show the data report :-

Data report of the Employee-Record:–

Screenshot of Employee and Payroll System

Data report for the Employee-Salary :

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