Fashion merchandising

Project title is Fashion Merchandising. The existing system is partly manual and partly computerized. The computer is used to prepare  bills. The Microsoft-Word is  used  for  typing  works  and Microsoft-Excel is mostly used for calculations. To search an order number in the file, it requires more clerical  work. The maintenance cost is high. The proposed system is developed in ASP.NET as front end tool, back end tool  as SQL  Server. The proposed system is developed with an idea of overcoming the constraints of the existing system.

Project title: Fashion Merchandising

The software used for developing the project is

  • Server Technology   :       ASP.NET
  • Database   :       SQL Server 2000
  • Markup Language   :       HTML
  • Development Environment  :       Visual Studio.NET 2005
  • Scripting Language   :       C#

Download link:

download project code

download project report

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gokul sai
gokul sai
6 years ago

how to open project code ?