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Bus Ticket Booking System

Bus Ticket Booking System – The ticket machines would end the use of the hefty 1.5-kg ticket racks carried by conductors. It would also end the practice of tearing out tickets and marking fare stages. The Conductor would just have to key in the details about the fare stage and the ticket machine would print out the ticket. The machine weighs only 800 grams and is convenient to carry. The parameters are almost like that of a railway ticket, the only difference being that the machine is portable. The machine can print out 2,300 tickets, including the journey report in order to facilitate inspection by the corporation’s checking inspectors. The ticket machines would help prevent loss on account of malpractice. It would also help in providing adequate data to the corporation, particularly with regard to the boarding of passengers from fare stages and important points. This would help the corporation prepare and organize its  schedules  more efficiently on the  basis of traffic demand. Besides,  it would provide data on concessions given to various sections. Another additional feature is that the data in the ticket machine could be fed into the computer. More over the depots of the corporation would be fully computerized so we want to add some other modules in our domain for depot’s verification.

Project title: Bus Ticket Booking System

This project is modularized as the following:

  •  Management of Routes: This module include information about  how we can Manage the routes for a particular bus services so   In  the case of Route management module we must know the details about  route number, number  of stops ,fare  stages and running time of  the  particular bus more over we want to manipulate and    stored these information successfully.
  •  Trip information: Each journey is identified as a trip. Each ticket must contain the trip no so that calculation of passenger can be done easily. Here in this section we want to know start time and route no of the bus this information can be manipulate and stored successfully.
  •  Bus Detail: In this module all bus details are stored and manipulated, in bus detail module contains minimum charge, type, depot, fare increment, bus number, and passenger’s states (child or adult) are manipulate and stored.
  •  Bus Stops: Bus Stops module includes information about what are the main bus stops of a particular bus.   This module connected to the route of the bus and it is used to store stop number, stop name and fare stages and Route number
  •  Bus Ticketing: Ticketing is the most important module in this Project which uses all the tables together and calculates fare for the passengers.  Venting the tickets is done using the route number, bus type, beginning stop, end stop, ticket number, persons(Adult/child)rate, date and time  also we want to print the all these information.  In order to do the calculation data has to be pulled out from stops, bus, trip and route. Number of passengers & the states are entered by the Venter and to produce the tickets.

Database Tables:

serviceid – pk

busserviceid – pk
serviceid – fk

bookingid – pk

feedbackid – Identity primary key

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