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Web File Manager

Web File Manager

Web File Manager is used to share files, documents, images, video presentations through online. This system just works like cloud application which is used by bank employees. This project stores all files in the online. This project also helps to send the files to other employees. This project is developed using PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) and MySQL server. This unique project is developed by BCA students.

Here is the video presentation which will demonstrate how the project will work:

Database structure: This video shows the database structure of the Web File Manager. This project has 7 database tables. The tables are administrator, branches, designation, employees, files, filetypes, notifications. webfilemanager is the name of the database. administrator and employees table stores the database of administrator and employees. branches table stores different branch details. designation table stores different designation details. In the file types user can stores different file types with icon. After uploading files the file path stores in the file table. The alert message stores in the notification.

Downloading files in Web file manager: This video explains how to download files from this site. Bank employees can upload and share files with other employees. This project has different methods to share files. Employees can share files through mail, or public also. Registration must required to share the files to the server. Administrator can view all the files and he has full authority of the website.

Designation module: This module is used to display the designation details of the employee. In this module user can enter designation details. After entering designation the user can view entered designation details in the view page.

The source code of this project we uploaded many days before. Here is the link:

Please note: The contents, images , logo, banners used in this website is only for testing purpose. This project is not developed for any company. This is just a student project. If any feedbacks or complaints kindly post your reviews in

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