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Online Courier Management Web Portal

Online Courier Management Web Portal

The Online Courier Management Web Portal will provide full data in digital format and will also be easy to access these data and to track them. Besides this will track goods of their customer while goods is mobile. The system will generate receipt of the goods to be delivered. It will generate status report of the goods on demand.

The system will keep record of customer information and his courier detail information so that any time customer check his courier status and his cargo details. The system will also provide facility for calculating estimation of his courier delivery so he can check his budget for sending his courier. E-mail and SMS facility are provided by the system whenever the courier reach to his destination place and quick acknowledgement are provided to the customers.

Scope of Project

  • The providers can also update the goods information and also get the information of the status of the goods.
  • The main benefit of this system is that it facilitate user to communicate in a faster manner in comparison of manual system.
  • Through this system the current status of the courier can be known easily whereas in manual system it is a difficult task.
  • Automated Order Confirmation Emails.
  • Web based Control Panel for easy access to everything
  • Customizable Cargo Layout
  • Order Management, Invoices, and Shipping Labels
  • Listing Options for different cargo types
  • The main benefit of this project is that it facilitate user to communicate in a faster manner in comparison of manual system.
  • The main benefit of this project is that it facilitate user to communicate in a faster manner in comparison of manual system.
  • To provide quick service without any delay.

Types of users:

  • Administrator:
    • He can update the status of courier.
    • He can see the all courier information by filtering through Date, origin city and destination city wise.
    • He can send SMS and E-mail whenever the courier reach to his destination place.
  • Guest User :
    • He can track his goods through receipt number which is  given by the system.
    • He check his estimation for courier delivery.

Programming Language:

  • Front  End                            :   ASP.NET
  • Back  End                            :      SQL Server 2005 & above
  • Technology                          :     .NET Framework 3.0
  • Programming Language      :      C#
  • Designing Software            :       AJAX Toolkit

Modules of Online Courier Management Web Portal

The main objective of Patel nd Patel Application is to provide online

Order facility of Courier. Keeping our objective in mind, we have created a world renowned online Courier.

There are mainly two modules

  • Admin
  • Public

In this web application only admin can change data of site so unauthorized access to category of Courier detail, feedback posted by users etc. can be secure.

Admin can directly change data contents of site so he/she don’t need to change data by changing in code. He just has to do it dynamically from inbuilt admin controls that are insert data, update data, delete data.

User can only view that data of their courier. They can place order that will store directly in database. After that admin can check that is there enough quantity in inventory if yes then it gives acknowledgement to user that your order will delivered to you soon.

Patel nd Patel web application provides facility like delivery of courier to required place.This is a module that contains the flow of the website .Here user can have  ideas how he can commit himself in the website.

User can put or give feedback to courier company owner that is useful to admin for improve services of the courier company.

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