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Social networking in Android

Social networking in Android

Developing Social networking in Android is a very tedious task. Social networking refers to the connecting individuals through the social networking sites such as Face book, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. You may not have the contact of the people who are living abroad. Through these social networking sites you will be able get in contact with those people. Social networking occurs for social as well as business purposes.  Social networking sites allows you to post the images, videos, pages, comment option, posting a resume or job experience for job searching, connect with your friends or relatives, promote your own brand or service and what not. Social networking Android project gives you an idea of inculcating most of the features of the social networking sites and introducing it into a single app.

social network

Depending on the social platform that you use, you will be able to connect to other people online. You will get to know about the people whom you have never met. Online social networking is easy to connect if it has a simple interface. The interface developed must be user friendly and simple to understand. Each of the social networking sites has its own unique functionality, style, usage patterns etc.  The social networking sites will be having millions of users connected to each other. It also provides privacy for the profiles that you have created. Security is one of the important factor in the social networking sites. There are many examples of the social networking sites that are present online. Just install the android version of the Social networking and enjoy the various features that you have inculcated in your project. Seems to be interesting! Some of the features of the Social networking are as follows:

  • Instant messaging
  • Video call
  • Simple interface
  • Prominent and functional search
  • Real time updates
  • Status changing
  • Audio calling
  • Sharing of any files less than 100MB
  • Group chatting

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